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  1. Cal, these are incredible. I adore number 3. Everything from the light on her face, to her pose, to the reflection on the surface all makes for one fantastic image.
  2. Wow Cal these are fantastic! I love one and three!! I always look forward to seeing your work, very cool!
  3. I really enjoy my 10-17mm, although I think I like the results underwater more so than topside using it. Here's a couple of mine using the Tokina, I love the versatility of it. Everyone's pictures look fabulous...
  4. Alex, These are amazing. The first set have a very Howard Schatz-like feel to them, just trade in woman for marine life....beautiful (hope that is okay to say). I have to say too, that your lemon shark image with the sun rays is down right stunning. It has such beautiful lighting, I am especially fond of the rim lighting on his fins.... Amanda
  5. I think both are stunning, both stand out for different reasons. Your treatment of the image in Photomatix is very tastefully done. You used it to enhance the original, and I am very fond of HDR when used this way. Just my 2cents.
  6. Jim, Your Leafy images (all of them for that matter) are stunning. What a way to say hello to the wetpixel world!! Can't wait to see more... Amanda
  7. Alex, the picture of your girlfriend is absolutely priceless!!! The bug hit me at age four, sitting in front of the TV watching images of divers in cages, cameras in hand, while enormous white sharks gracefully swam by. Apparently I turned to my mother and told her in the most serious of tones, "I want THAT job when I grow up!"
  8. Thank you so much for the detailed pictures. I have been using a similar technique (affectionately referring to it as the "butt strobe") without the arm and bracket, but was having issues with the strobe's ending position when fired, due to it sliding out of position with just a bolt snap connection. The arm is a great idea!! Goes down as one of those "why didn't I think of that!" moments. Amanda
  9. I know this is a couple months old, but just wanted to share that there was a recall on Sea & Sea's TTL converters last summer. I had purchased a brand new one along with my Sea & Sea housing for my D200 and the TTL converter flooded on it's first dive. I sent it in to Subaquatics Camera Repair and they pressure tested it, realized the issue, contacted Sea & Sea and was told there was a recall on that model, couple weeks later I had a brand new one no charge (all covered under warranty). I have used it off and on since and haven't had any issues with leaking or flooding with the new one. I thought I'd share since quite a few people said they were having flooding issues with theirs and seems like those were made around the same time as my old one. I hope that helps some. Amanda
  10. Mike, Just wanted to say sorry for all the crap you had to go through. I am new to wetpixel and read your post right before I left for Micronesia a few weeks ago (four plane changes and 32 hours of travel), because of it I completely changed the way I packed for the trip. Two backpacks, one with all my camera gear, and one with all my housing gear, both were carried on person with me the entire trip. I felt so much better while traveling and have to say thanks for sharing your experience. Amanda
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