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  1. I can't find someone in the US that will sell the housing, good luck in the UK.
  2. Is it me or is everyone developing a housing for the D100 & D60 and only Ike is making one for the Fuji S2 Pro? What gives?
  3. Sean, The D60 doesn't work with TTL, so how do you control the amout of strobe you fire?
  4. For less than $1300, am I on crack?
  5. I have decided to upgrade to a D60 or a S2 Pro It's very close to the one that Marc and James sold, the biggest exception is mine comes with a strobe and a microdrive as well. I have: Everything in mint condition. Nikon 5000 Ikelite housing Wide Dome Port & Flat port + filter Wide Angle Lens URE5 Lens adapter 3 LiON batteries for cam. Omega 340 meg Microdrive 2 Nikon LiON chargers Ikelite Ds 50 strobe used on one dive. Ikelite Snyc Cord & Arm Everything in original box’s Total cost of this system for me was over $3000. The system has only been wet on two trips. I'll except $2290 As you all know, this is a complete system already put together and the UR-E5 and Ike housing are all backordered right now Email me at Chris@reefkeep.com I take checks and or Paypal.
  6. I would love to know! I tried like hell to get the internal flash to not fire.
  7. All of my shots were done with the strobes set to TTL. Most of the camera exposures were F8 at 500.I did do allot of bracketing f8-f2 and SS 60-2000. I wish I could give you the exact exposure per shot but I turned off the logging. (anything to save battery since the cp5000 eats them very quickly) I can't say enough about the Ike DS-125 strobe. I used on 3 back to back dives, the last one was an 80 minute night dive with the modeling light on and I never killed the battery.(It beeped at me but it never died)
  8. Don't everyone give feedback at the same time now..
  9. Ike..Cheap? You woundn't know it from your products.
  10. Sorry, I seem to be link challenged http://www.jaxdiver.com/Membersphotos.html One More
  11. Back from Mexico The other white meat! Some more of the photos can be found below. All shot with the Nikon CP5000 with the Ikelite housing and a ds 125 or 50, some with both. http://www.jaxdiver.com/Membersphotos.html Let me know what you think.
  12. Dave - Did you shoot in Manual focus? I find that scary as well, the view finder on the cp5000 is difficult for me to focus on let alone trully tell when the subject is in focus.
  13. This document changes as we lear, please notice in take three the lens is set to normal.
  14. I agree Absolutely Fabulous!!! How do you do it!!!!
  15. Take III Exposure - M or A White Balance - Auto Metering- Center weighted or Spot Image Adjustment -Less Contrast Saturation Control (I would assume low) Lens - Normal Exposure Options AE lock Focus Area Mode = Manual (Need to look this one up) Image sharpening -Low Noice Reduction - Off ISO - 100 Zoom Options Fixed Aperture Speedlight Cntrl - Auto Speed Light Variable Power Opt. -2 Shot Confirmation Lamp - Off
  16. Anyone got an Ike Rapid charger for sale?
  17. I think I am going to get another 125 a rapid charger and two extra batterys. Yeah..That shoud do it!
  18. All you need... Food, water, shelter, 6meg DSLR.. It's not a need thing..It's a want thing!
  19. Thanks for the Feedback! I used the DS 125 on TTL, I am looking at getting another DS 125 or maybe a DS 50. I took the shots in the Dry Tortugas on a liveaboard. I did use the wideangle lens and I'll admit I didn't spend a lot of time focusing on anything but exposure. I figured if I can get that down the rest would be easy. Anyway, I am going to spend 8 nights in Mexico doing nothing but still shots. I'll upload them when I get back or maybe from the cyber cafe accross the street from the hotel. I really like the DS 125 but wonder if I need another strobe that powerfull. What do you think? (I really need a rapid charger) I know you sold your cp5000 what are you getting, a Fuji or a Nikon DSLR?
  20. Thanks James, let me know what you think about my pics. http://www.wetpixel.com/forum/viewthread.php?tid=555
  21. I just got off a 3 night spearfishing trip, I did however get to use the camera on one dive. Let me know what you guys think! Thanks
  22. Ike, Can you upload a pic of the battery? Is it the back half of the DS125 or is it something I need tools to install?
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