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  1. Ok I'm ready, who do I call? Sounds great@!
  2. We live in the same city, whats the local number?
  3. OK any hints you can offer, Camera specific would be great. White balance, exposure settings, auto exposure or not?
  4. James, your shots at the flower garden , did you use the 19mm or the native 24mm? [Edited on 5-7-2002 by Reefkeep]
  5. Reefkeep


    I am getting the same error
  6. How much for just the Amphibico 101s Light with arm,
  7. I tested this light last week in a fresh water spring, it is super bright and has never been in salt water! This is a $1300 light shipped in the orginal box with Orings,instructions, charge & battery. Also willing to trade for a set of hi power strobes. SS31000 CL-8050A Video Light A dual-powered high intensity video light with 80-watt and 50-watt power settings, 90ยบ beam angle. Powered by rechargeable ni-cad battery. Battery and charger included. Converts to a dive light with an optional handgrip. Retail $1,247.35 Shipping is $12.00 USA Actual for overseas Keywords underwater housing video light nikonos http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...item=1351458249
  8. So far I can find the Ds-125 kit for 650.00 best deal so far. I can also find the sb104 new for 375.00. Hmmmm [Edited on 5-2-2002 by Reefkeep]
  9. Ok, whats the better option for WA shots. (a) Use the Nikon 19mm conversion lens and but the extra port. (B) Use the UWL-100 wide angle lens from Inon or #58070 Sea & Sea conversion wide lens that attach directly to the standard port.
  10. echeng Did you get you 125s? If so how do you like them?
  11. The cord seems like the way to go! Thank for the help. Any suggestions of were to buy a strobe at a good price? Chris@reefkeep.com www.jaxdivers.com
  12. Will the CP5000 in the ikelite housing use TTL if you use ikelites ttl sync cord? If I do not use the cord will the sensor work on the Ds-125 with this specific camera / housing? I have called ikelite and they are not admitting they have a problem with the ds-125 or the sensor. Help.. [Edited on 5-1-2002 by Reefkeep]
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