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  1. Lightning seems to be an issue. What did you use, if I may ask? I used Dual Ike 125s manual mode. Did you just stuff your 10D into the UK-Housing? Yes, I tested it a few days after the 10D was released it fit perfectly in my housing. I have an older version of the UK Gernany D30 housing. Would you state that focus problems are to happen less with Canon lenses? That has been my experience.
  2. Eric, I think you will find the 100mm focus issue goes away with the D60. I have shot hundred of shots with the 100mm and the 10D with no issue. In fact I am now considering the 180mm macro lens. Also I tried the extention tubes that however did create a focus issue. You can certainly focus on items with in a few inches but if the subject is a foot or more away it becomes an impossibility. ( in auto focus anyway) Has anyone used a 180mm lens underwater? With the .6 magnification it would effectively be a 280 mm lens.
  3. Every shot on that page is in autofocus. I tested the back focus issue for a couple of weeks, I also did the tests with the D60. The D60 front focused with the same lenses.
  4. Mine has the issue with my 100-400 L lens and with all of my Simga lenses. (even the fisheye) The 100mm Macro & the 50mm Macro is dead on perfect. See for yourself Underwater 100mm Macro shots with the 10D
  5. both have been sold
  6. Canon EOS D60 Digital Camera NEW + Extras Canon EF 100-400mm F4.5-5.6 L IS USM Lens
  7. I agree great shot but too sharp
  8. I simply think it is an unfair sport, to the fish. The "opponents" are not equally matched.
  9. Don I'll tell you what, shoot a 50+ pound cobia and tell me they are not armed! It's not Deer hunting, the big ones don't just die. Most 50 pound fish are much more powerfull underwater than you an I. It could be worse, I could be a sport fisherman. I don't kill hundreds off fish by pulling them up from depth at a rate of 20 feet per second just to throw them back. I kill very few and eat all of them... It's the other white meet!
  10. So I shouldn't post my spearfishing pictures here? James I wish I had been with you!
  11. I use the 15-30 as well with the UK dome port and an extention. I do however prefer the fisheye. The best non L class Canon lens has to be the 100mm macro. Forget the Lifesize adapter and just get the 100MM lens. I'll sell you the port if you need it.
  12. James, 15mm Fisheye, 16-35, 17-40, 50mm macro, 100mm macro, 180mm macro, what else do you need? I haved used the fisheye, 15-35 Sigma, 50mm and the 100mm lens with the 10D in your housing.
  13. I have shot over 300 pictures over 4 dives and it still showed full.
  14. All of the Bonaire pictures were shot with the 10D in a UK Germany D30 housing with dual IKE DS 125s. Most of the pictures (Eel included) were shot with a Canon 100mm Macro Lens. This was my first deep water test with the housing and the 10D and it worked perfectly.
  15. I absolutely agree the UK Germany support is painful but couldn’t disagree more with the craftsmanship statement. My housing that was clearly used extensively by a professional before I got it and it still seems to be bullet proof. I sent mine in last year with no problems other than it taking 45 days to get back. The housing is a great design and built to last IMHO. The thing about IKE is he has the best service in the industry. His products are great and if he had a housing that fit my camera when I needed it, I would have gotten it from him. The best thing about Ike is the warrantee means something.
  16. The D60 focusing with a 100mm lens I found frustrating in anything other than good light. In fact on night dives I found the camera painful at focusing. The 10D is fantastic in low light but still difficult if only lighted by the strobe modeling lights. The 10D Battery life is maybe 20% better on the 10D and it’s $1000 cheaper.
  17. All of the Bonaire pictures were shot with the 10D in a UK Germany D30 housing with dual IKE DS 125s. Most of the pictures (Eel included) were shot with a Canon 100mm Macro Lens. This was my first deep water test with the housing and the 10D and it worked perfectly. The only issue I had (I discovered prior to leaving) was that the hotshoe was not tight enough. I used some Felt tape (Thank you Troy Lamay) and that worked wonderfully. On exception I did have one set of pictures that corrupted but I could not duplicate this after it occurred. The files were dated in 2049 and named in all Japanese characters. I couldn’t even format the card in the laptop and the camera showed “Corrupt Data” when I tried to review them. The camera could however format the card. I shot with the 15mm Sigma fisheye, 15-35 3.5 Sigma and the Canon 100mm Macro. I also played with the 50mm 1.8 Canon lens and extension tubes but had unfavorable focusing. Overall I was very happy with the camera and the housing.
  18. Thank for the comments, I made a post in the Member Gallery Links. I only have 10 or so uploaded but I'll get the others up this week. Bonaire
  19. I added a a dozen or so Bonaire pictures, I hope you like them. Bonaire
  20. The 512 works as well, but I don't see the need. I had a power 2000 bp-511 (sold at B&H) last 4 (60 min) dives. Make sure the review and auto off time is set to the lowest option. Also the power 2000, bp-511 battery does seem to last quite a bit longer than the Canon version.
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