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  1. Both cameras are great the 10D is much better at Macro. At night, macro with the d60 and a 100mm lens is almost impossible. The 10d is still not a walk in the park at night but possible.
  2. I have an extra, never used, I took it to bonaire to back up my 10D but never needed it.
  3. I just got back a few hours ago but I thought I would post at least one tonight. Eel covered in Cup Coral Please let me know what you think..
  4. That is a little mor than I was looking for. I just need the part that fits in the shoe.
  5. Easy solution- You just need to keep a copy your photos on your Mirrored OS drives, and a copy on your Raid 5 data array. Do nightly backups to a firewire 200 gig external drive. If you loose data in this configuration you need to think about attending church on a regular basis. CDs should not be expected to last 20 years. Depending on the brand I have some I don't trust 2 years.
  6. I wonder if you can view the Canon Raw files on it?
  7. Link to the pictures if they do not show
  8. Thanks guys ..Great feedback, 13 Work days left =)
  9. Thanks Eric, I'll be looking for that sale to happen again.
  10. Alex, The Hot shoe on the 10D and the D60 look identical, I suppose Canon gets around this issue by the virtue of all canon flash systems seem to have the ability to lock down the connection between the flash and the hotshoe. I was hoping I could identify the name of that locking mechanism then I could try and retro fit the housing with it. I agree the option of contacting the manufacture of the housing make sense and if it was Ike I would not hesitate but being able to communicate this issue with UK Germany would frankly be to difficult. (Based off past experiences). Don't get me wrong Uwe seems like a great guy but we have had our share of communication issues in the past. However, I wonder if Ike could sell me the wiring harness he uses in his housings. (Ike, do you hear your phone ringing?) I have gotten it to work by cutting a slice of a credit card , please see the picture below, this works but I wouldn't trust it on a dive.
  11. So you can view the Canon Raw files with the Archos? How long does it take to review a picture?
  12. Problem Ok, when shooting my D60 in my UK Germany housing the strobe fires fine, when I put the 10D in the housing it does not. However with the housing open If I put manual pressure on the top of the Camera hot shoe it will fire the strobe. My thoughts for a resolution 1) I was thinking of trying to find a thicker hot shoe adapter. (what is the real name of this part?) Who would sell this part? 2) If I could remove the hotshot from the camera I could bend the shoe so it seats tighter. Has anyone done this before? What do you guys think? I have posted some of my 10D/D60 shots on www.jaxdiver.com . The 10D shots are obviously DARK. My Webpage
  13. Turtle Small Turtle Larger Jacks small Jacks Larger
  14. D60 & 10D fisheye shots What could I do to improve this shot? My other shots can be seen at My Webpage
  15. I can't imagine that the UK Germany housing will work either, given what happened when I tried it. Mine works fine.. Why would you say such a thing? The housing buttons are not even close to being the same. 3, 4 & 5 are non issues at least in the D30 version of the UK Germany housing, in fact the only valuable button I can't get is the menu button.
  16. I love the laptop just not sure what I going to pack this beast in. I have yet to find a back pack that will hold it. I hate the idea of not packing my camera gear and laptop in the same bag. I have used IBM laptops for years and love them but you pay alot for the brand. Dell makes a find PC and I refuse to use anything else. However I have had nothing but issues with the Dell Laptops, I can't count the number of times I met the Dell service guy. Other than my TV I have never owned anything made by Toshiba so I was a little worried about the quality. I just need to find a backback or at least a camera bag that will fit my gear in it. If I can't find one I'll trade this guy in on something smaller.
  17. Jalbum looks cool, I am playing with it now.. Take a look www.Jaxdivers.com
  18. I am looking for a nice piece of software to help with the creation of an online portfolio. I have tried the one that comes with Photoshop but it seems very limiting. Any ideas?
  19. alto - Don't worry about I had the same question...
  20. I purchased this guy last night for a travel PC, specifically to for photo trips. I am suffering from buyers remorse and I have 13 days to decide if I like it. What do you guys think about this laptop? IntelĀ® PentiumĀ® 4 processor 2.4 512MB PC2100 DDR SDRAM 40GB hard drive DVD/CD-RW drive 15" TFT display.
  21. Why not just pack it in a Tamrak or LowePro backpack?
  22. I would like to purchase extra O-rings for the UK Germany housing, do you know anyone in the US that sells them?
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