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  1. I think ebay is your best shot, what parts do you have for the housing? I might buy some of them off of you. Extra O rings , ports and so on.
  2. Bob, You wanted some examples of the 10D, I shot some surface Macro that I thought worked out. Macro Lens 100.0 - 400.0 mm Focal Length 120.0 mm Image Macro II Lens 100.0 - 400.0 mm Focal Length 190.0 Let me know what you think, I know the DOF is bad but it was handheld at F4.5.
  3. Thats Odd I don't have that problem...They must have made the D60 model smaller. The one I have purchased from Jim Watts was I think a D30 housing. Anyway quick fix, wait 30 days and buy a D60 for $800 on Ebay. If you find another option let us know....
  4. I took my Dan coverage to state farm the Floater was more than $50 extra a year and it did have a deductible.
  5. Both will work as long as you get the rider on top of your HOI. Are you in the US? If so try DAN.
  6. Rumor has it that adorama & Dell both have some extra 10Ds in house. I got mine at PCconnection. I know the US got 10,000 of them last week.
  7. I shot a few shot today but with very little available light. Overall unimpressed with the shots but I honestly think the photographer it to blame. My heads not in it today...To many open issues at work seem to be filling my thoughts.. I might try some wide shots tonight. TEST SHOT 1 test shot 2 - I killed this one! Test 3 Yes I have the Fisheye as well.
  8. I'll shot some today with the 15-30Sigma and the 100-400L. I was just wishing the sun would come out...
  9. Eric - You are absolutely correct AF type, Drive / ISO, & Web cannot be accessed underwater. To be honest I don't really need to access them underwater. The 10D now has WB bracketing and since it now focuses at ISO 100 even in darkness, I doubt I'll need the ability to change that underwater. Please correct me if I am wrong... Please understand the focus point button is still accessible it's just the focus type that is not. The quick control button, set button, shutter and main dial are all accessible in this housing. The LCD monitor and eyecup are perfectly aligned . (LCD on the 10D is much brighter) The back buttons Jump -Accessible Direction -New on the 10D I see no value for underwater purposes Playback -Accessible Erase -Not accessible Info -almost accessible (might be able to bend the bar a little) Why bother I don't need this - Lets use the Kiss method. Only down side I see is below, The Main button AKA Menu button does not line up -Would be nice but not required.. As soon as my child goes to bed tonight I am going to figure out a way to align it up.
  10. I tried my new 10D in the UK Germany housing D60, fits really well. The only item (that I care about) that doesn't line up is the Menu button. I'm working on a solution for that now. Looks like I'll be keeping the UK Germany housing. Also, I tried the sigma 15-35 3.5 lens (in doors)even in almost complete darkness focusing was very fast. This is one hell of a camera for $1500!
  11. I dont think any othem will display Raw... Anyone know?
  12. Digibin Tripper No idea 20GB V-MP3H Multimedia Storage & Player with 2.5" Display I think I like the 20GB V-MP3H, has anyone used it? Archos Maybe FlashTrax - not out yet Looks way cool! Nixvue Systems I like the idea, but I hate the fact you cannot preview innoplus Not sure if it's out yet
  13. "Repeat after me...I’m a Nikon man, I’ve always been a Nikon man, I always buy Nikon." Mark, Don't you own an S2pro, aren't your trying to upgrade to a 14n? Did you mean to say...I am a Nikon lens man? James, don't let the force scare you, cross the bridge, walk into the light, the grass is greener
  14. Thanks for the info guys. Bob that was a great link! Thanks again
  15. Mike, the last thread only talks about the Lion's Dive Club and the Plaza. Anyone stay at Buddy dive?
  16. Bob --->Wow, that was fast, where do recommend to stay?
  17. What dives must I do? Places to eat? Trying to decide on the Plaza or Buddy dive, any suggestions?
  18. I expect that the minor modifcation of the D60 - 10D will not take long. At this point I am not sure If I can use the 10D in the D60 housing but It's worth a try!~
  19. All I can say it WOW, OMG that is agreat shot!
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