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  1. Ultralight Control System 16 ARM Ultralight Control System 16 ARM
  2. I like them both, look at the pciture of the flashtrax. It's full geek factor! http://www.smartdisk.com/
  3. I kinda felt that way as well!! I purchased the 10D and I have $775 left over after shipping and everything!
  4. Mine sold for $2300 (with grip) on Ebay yesterday
  5. SmartDisk Introduces FlashTrax™-- The Portable, Palm-sized Digital Multimedia Device
  6. How I got my 10D, My wife posted this =) Hope it fits, if not I have a great backup.
  7. If I knew the 10D was a fit in my housing I would sell it on ebay today, they are still getting 2000+ when we all know in two weeks the value is going to drop 400+.
  8. The on / off is not an issue for me since i have never turned it off. The auto off feature works great and I don't see any side effects of using it. Play (bad, but you could set the review time to 8 secs and just deal with it) Agreed Trash - Never use it, I edit after the shoot Af/WB -That might hurt, I guess I'll have to shoot raw Info, Jump & Magnify lol, HAVE YOU EVER USED ONE OF THEM? LOL What we don't know is what new features that we will not beable to use. I don't plan on upgrading if I need a new housing. My only issue is the focus, I can live with it.
  9. well...Maybe I can live without the butons underwater.
  10. I just got my lotto tickets, if I win I won't care about the buttons =) For now I care!
  11. Why did they have to move the buttons!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Anyone have any feed back on either the Epson 2200 or Canon s9000? Thinking about spending some money =)
  13. Thats what I did before I could afford a second.. Worked very well.
  14. I might take a couple of seats on that trip..Need to talk to some people.
  15. Bermuda...Thats my favorite. not the cheapest by far!
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