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  1. Tshepherd be carefull in Cozumel with Nitrox, I have gotten up to 50% mix that had been marked at 36%. Don't let them test it with the dive shop gear, bring your own O2 analyzer.
  2. I have to admit I only dive Nitrox in the US. For me it only took one trip to the chamber to get me to switch to 32%. Thats another story.... "Nitrox gives me more bottom time..." Bullsh!t, You still have the same size cylinder as anyone else and you still breath at the same rate as you did on air! Thats not thinking outside the box, if you have more bottom time (table time) then why not get bigger tanks? Thats what I do, I dive with HP 100s now. (Over filled) One of my dive buddys who has "logged 5000+ dives" and has "been teaching / diving since before I was born" stated over and over for years that Nitrox is bad stuff! ...LOL...He was diving Trimix on Sunday....Kind of reminds me of some of you.
  3. Sounds great! Any pictures of the little divers?
  4. Since we are talking about children, mine turned a year yesterday... =) http://www3.photosig.com/viewphoto.php?id=726128 http://www3.photosig.com/viewphoto.php?id=723222 I can't wait till she can dive...just another 3 years =)
  5. I have the 15mm Fisheye, and the 15 -30MM Sigma, I don't thnk I need three wide lens =)....Unless I get the 16-35 L for my birthday =)
  6. Email me an offer, I'll put it on ebay at the end of the week. Used maybe 5 times, still in Box. Chris@reefkeep.com
  7. I called Oceanbrite, they have no idea if the D80 will fit in the D60 housing. They did say they will sell a Jonah housing that will fit the D80, they just don't know when yet. Next weeks the big week!
  8. Added one more Canon EF 28-135mm f/3.5 Zoom Wide -Telephoto
  9. Mark let me know if that works, I'll be next in line... Need to get wet, gills are drying up...
  10. I put a few things on sale today-----------> Ebay - =) Ikelite DS-50 Digital strobe TTL or Manual 8" ULCS arm Ultralight Control Systems ULCS Ultralight Control Systems Sea and Sea ULCS UK Light Cannon and Sun lights ULCS Ultralight control systems Ikelite Ikelite 110/220v Charger for the Ds-125 New Ikelite #9577.3 Removable Ball Mount New Aquatica base with Handle Grip GENESIS Steel Tank - HP 100 CF like new Chris@reefkeep.com
  11. I must admit, I tend to snipe =) James look what I won last week =) http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...item=3003724207
  12. Good chance, but since you bid so early it's going to cost you more. =( Talk to James he can tell you how to bid snipe. Thats how he got my Sync Cord =)
  13. THis is the Third one to make it on ebay. The last one was for the D60 amd it close and sold for 900.00 No ports and never been wet.
  14. I agree all rumors, I expect the camera will be a D60 type camera with a better focus system, same crop factor and the same CMOS. The change will be the price, much cheaper! My guess Chris
  15. I agree and disagree, Scubapro like every other dealer has little control over where the merchandise ends up. If a demand exists you will find it on a discount web site. Places like leisure pro buy bulk merchandise from dealers who are bankrupt, thus the reason only some items are really good deals. In fact you can find the gray market Scubapro regulators on almost every internet web sites. It's just the BC's that seem difficult. (Side note) Diversdirect and Diverssupply are the two largest dive chains in the US, (both have internet sales as well) neither carry Scubapro. I do however agree Scuba pro makes a fine product. The scubapro regulator are very popular and easy to obtain in the US the BCDs are not, but that only seems to be the case in the US. The below web based companies carry the BCDs. I have ordered from scubastore.com several times in the past, great employees, great pricing, great shipping but the selection is speratic at best. If I place an order today from Scubastore (Spain) and Leisure Pro(NY) I'll get the order from Spain before the one from NY. I live in Florida.... I just found simply.com, has anyone tried them? Good experiences or bad? http://www.scubastore.com http://www.simplyscuba.com
  16. That was not true, the bull shark did attack the child unprovoked. Anyone who has done shore dives down here knows we have great deal of Bulls that patrol the shore line. Fact is eventfully someone gets attacked. That's a risk you take with that type of fish. The uncle in the story was not fishing, the shark did not have a hook in it, that was just a rumor based off people who find it hard to believe someone would be that brave. Two months later in Tampa bay, a wife watched her husband get eaten by what they believe to be another Bull shark 10 feet off the end of his dock in the ICW. Now I do my fair share of spearfishing, and if the shark wants it, he gets it. Unless it's a 50 pound Cobia, than he really needs to show me he wants it.
  17. Thats what they look like before I put them on the stringer. Good think I had the tast of Amberjack =)
  18. I am going to Crystal River next week, they should still be thick, the cold weather keeps up north longer.. With me luck
  19. Love the Blue...nice shot. Lense: 28-80 @ 28mm Is that the old L lens or is that the newer 3.5?
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