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  1. Check out this link, I was think of buying the 14mm but this link has me rethinking that idea. Is the 15mm wider than the 14mm Sigma 14 WA 2.8 Sigma 15 Fisheye 2.8 Canon 15 Fisheye 2.8
  2. James, I think you are correct, a pictures worth a 1000 words. I have an Ike strobe port on the UK housing all I need is a dual TTL strobe cord and that cool new Controller. Guess I need to sell my remote sensor.
  3. Picture says a 1000 words Provides ten manual power settings in half/stop increments for the DS-50 and DS-125 model SubStrobes. It can operate as a wireless sensor triggered by another strobe, or by optional sync cord. Coming late November
  4. I'm confussed, can I use it with your Ds125's on a UK Germany housing? Any of idea of when this goes to beta? Need a tester?
  5. Eric, Are you saying they will use the Canon MR-14EX macro ring light in the port? Hmmmm, then why such big costs? That model has seperate controls on both sides of the ring so that one can be more powerfull than the other... That helps with the flat light. I had planned on purchase the MR-14EX anyway for land shots. I assume the ring is mounted in the UK Germany port, thus I would own ( pay for) the same flash twice. Arrggg Chris, Backscatter shouldn't be much of an issue when you are less than a foot from your subject. Cybergoldfish, That ring flash is still very popular with the Macro folks. see some examples.... MT-24EX Macro Flash pictures Canon's other Macro flash Canon MR-14EX pictures Canon MR-14EX
  6. I would suggest a DS 50 for Macro and or a 125.. Ike all the way!
  7. James, what do you think? Is it true? Say it's not so... "The 990 has phenomenal macro abilities, far better than my new $ 3,000 Fuji S2 Pro." Ebay Auction for a 990
  8. James, Welcome to the 125 world, it's a nice, happy place. I only wish Ike would sell them in sets. 2 DS 125 +dual cord & rapid charger
  9. James, Your add says Sigma 15-30mm f2.8 lens but the box says F3.5.
  10. I am very curious to learn if the wireless capabilities would work while the strobes are housed, but I really doubt it. I doubt it as well but that would be way cool!
  11. I agree the drift dives are harder to organize but he pulls it off. The MVplaymate out of the Keys is a live aboard that does nothing but drift dives as well. They drop in sets of two and three but always seem to find you. I can honestly say I had my doubts a few times but they always find you........eventually.
  12. I can sell you the whole set! Camera / housing and strobe
  13. I noticed on your next trip you used 2 DS 125's. Did you prefer that configuration? The shots on your Kona Trip I thought were rather good.
  14. sean The 550ex can be setup as a slave, do you feel two of them would provide the coverage for your 16mm lens? Do you have some examples you could post?
  15. It's 80.--euro + shipping to and from Germany. Takes a week.
  16. YS90DX in "preflash ignore" mode, would this be a corded strobe or a true slave?
  17. James, Is your 14mm Sigma a canon mount, thats what I would need...
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