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  1. I figured out the other day while sitting on the Belize Aggressor that I didn't have any undelete software on my Mac and I didn't have Recuva loaded on my W7 VM. One of the guys on the trip accidentally hit Delete All on his memory card. Anyone using anything they like in the way of Undelete software for the Mac?
  2. Geesh, those'll hold some cereal....
  3. I don't use many plug-ins, occationally OnOne photoframe, but I haven't had any problems, I run CS4 though. I do run a couple of HP printers, that are currently bricked....
  4. But how do you control what direction it flys when you press the button?
  5. mpix.com not only do they have excellent results, excellent customer service and turn around time, they know how to package a print to ship it. Joel
  6. As of last night, both the 'complete' version of Lightroom 2.1 and Camera Raw 5.1 (for CS4) are both available at http://www.adobe.com/downloads/updates/
  7. I'd suggest Scott Kelby's Lightroom for Photographers books. www.kelbytraining.com Hope this helps, Joel
  8. I have an Asus EEE 900. Very similar to the 10 inch version. It really depends on what you consider processing, really. For making a keep/delete decsision, they are great. However they do NOT have the 'power' to effectivly adjust or correct RAW files. I love it and will continue to take it on trips, because I can use it to transfer photos to a portable HD and then I can keep/dump images with it. But I'll continue to save the big processing for the big desktop machine at home.
  9. I picked up an Asus 900, 20 gig model that I upgraded to WinXP. Took it to Galapagos last month, it plus a card reader and a spare portable USB drive was all I carried in non-camera gear, it was so nice.. The only apps that were even loaded on it were Lightroom and some silly games the wife likes. It's NOT a screamer, had no aspirations of it being. It's NOT made to develop images. But it IS way more travel friendly than my 17in Dell monster laptop and it DOES let me know if I'm shooting correctly, getting strobes where they should be and giving me a idea if what I'm seeing through the viewfinder is coming out the way I'm expecting it to... I'd be real skeptical of the speed that they'll get out of the ExpressCard or Firewire over USB, I don't think any of the Atom Processor machines have the horsepower to get jiggy with it. Then the wife dropped it off the kitchen counter a few days after we came home and destroyed the screen..... So I guess I'm in the market again =D
  10. This photo is very encouraging for Nikon and Canon shooters alike. The photovest is NOT dead yet.....
  11. The book above. Lightroom Killer Tips Podcast (Matt K.) http://www.lightroomkillertips.com/ Scott Kelby's Blog http://www.scottkelby.com David Cross's Blog davecross.blogspot.com all real good references.
  12. James is right. Yes, if you use 64-bit Vista you can use as much ram as it'll hold. And yeah, if you want to edit on a laptop, fast drives are a must. Can't wait for SSD drives to come down in price.....
  13. Try a ReadyNas (I use one) or a Drobo. Search on this forum will find alot of information on the ReadyNas.
  14. Update Lightroom 1.4.1 is now available from Adobe's website.
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