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  1. Couldn't agree more Tim... A truely magical trip- with so many superb images- all thanks to Alex M and Alex T, and the hard working crew of Whirlwind. Much to learn... I still have!
  2. Absolutely lovely lovely work Clinton!
  3. No we haven't gone away Cal...sentiments as above.... ...'Soul Flight..'
  4. Hello again folks, Two of my images managed to place in the Irish 'Clean Coasts Photo Competition'-2013. http://www.independent.ie/photos/gallery-clean-coasts-photography-competition-2013-29759914.html While I fully admit they are not exceptional UW images (God knows- you guys set the bar that I am trying to aspire to), am again really humbled and delighted to have made placings in two categories- one image of which ie. Compass Jellyfish, was entered on the basis of positive feedback I received here on wetpixel previously. So just wanted to share with you, and again, many thanks to all you gals and guys here, and to my uw photo brothers and sisters back home- for continued encouragement and inspiration. Go n-eiri an ta libh and happy shooting Damien
  5. Have a look at this....prt. the post dated Sept. 26th......... Very saddening................and bewildering.... https://www.facebook.com/OffshoreWatersportsMullaghmore D
  6. http://library.constantcontact.com/download/get/file/1103359495850-139/APPENDIX+2B+-+Customer+letter_Ver2.pdf
  7. For me it has to be Wolfie........probably one of my fav. fish.........but my chances of photographing one in the flesh are close to nil.... ....still.... maybe one day :-) Thanks for sharing.
  8. V. cute shot Gary, nice one!.... I love tompots...they are my fav......... along with the Red Blenny...fish that are more than fish = characters!
  9. Nice shots Gary.....prt. like the decorator crab :-)
  10. I hear you Steve....sound advice as always. Thank you :-)
  11. Hi folks, A few images of a beautiful jellyfish found in our waters at this time of year. Did alot of clean up in LightRoom and SilverEfx. As always, any constructive criticisms greatfully recieved and appreciated Damo ps. I put in an unedited image- straight out of camera- for comparison.
  12. Hi folks, I have a facebook page where I regularly post up pictures of my underwater photo shots, because I like to share them with friends. I have restrictions set in my facebook site re: sharing etc etc.....but am still wondering how 'safe' am I? I use lightroom's web function to make a watermark 'web image' and this is what I use when I post. I enclose a sample of what I do put up on my facebook, with the watermark etc., but if you think I could improve on anything I'd appreciate on any sage advice. Many thanx in advance Damo
  13. Hi Tinman, Hey I think you are being a bit hard on yourself...there is nothing wrong with ur photos for first attempts....and you are right....there is a big learning curve but you are off to a lovely start so well done.:-) Nice shot of the angelfish on the black background. Shooting fish well is hard and takes practice.....and trust me...you'll take alot worse!! Keep shooting and enjoy learning D
  14. Hi Ed Nice set of photos sir...but for me the Fairy Basslet shots take first prize....wonderful!!! Well done u!
  15. Hi Shawn, Personally, From shore: Giant tride... but hold rig out above head. From Rib/Zodiac...swing legs over pontoon....kinda 'side slip' off facing forward......holding rig out and above head. Failing, either, then I get someone to hand it me. I would never ever back roll with my rig...think it's too risky.
  16. Hello Claude Tried to look at your website but its not loading for me. I am using Mozilla Firefox as my browser. Best D
  17. Heartily concurr with observations on 60 mm and 105mm I use both, but because I love shooting skitty fish up close i.e. blennies, gobies, and hawkfish...105mm is my weapon of choice...... all the time I have the 60mm too....use it more on night dives...or of the viz is particularly bad. Do not use either lenses with TC's or dioptres....yet ;-)............but would def,. consider the Subsee rig in the future.... Happy shooting! :-)
  18. Hi Gavin Lovely set of shots sir..well done. Heartily concurr with other posters...but....I quite like your wide angle reef shoot too......It's lovely :-)
  19. Hi folks, Just a query re:the above. The above port is constructed of ABS, but the bit on the top is made of rubber (where the glass of the port is). I was just wondering, is this a rubber skirt protecting the glass, where the glass meets the ABS?? Can this rubber bit be removed?? Was wondering could anyone send me a manual or literature link for the above? I cant seem to find it on the web? Best Damo
  20. Super Julian!! The only little thing I would add is that in this case I would have gone for a vertical composition so as to get all the nudibranch in shot. Dont be afraid to move your camera around to improve on the image!! Otherwise...well done!! Lovely focus and colours!
  21. Now THAT'S a bait ball. Congratulations Erwin! :-)
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