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  1. A sad sad day for us @ Wetpixel, where David was a fellow friend and fellow enthusiast to so many of us here on Wetpixel.
  2. Thanks TaxiDriver. The distortion is pretty bad for video with any vertical movement of the camera. Good to know.
  3. Well, if someone is shooting for a doco or film, they won’t be releasing the clips online. I know of 1 shoot but never saw anything from it. Like it was suggested, check with Gates and see if they know of anyone. But youtube destroys 4k anyways, so it’s probably better to catch it on a reference monitor.
  4. I saw the prototype at ADEX and reported on it on the front page. They looked very nice!
  5. The Elite is very comfy for a 6’2”, 190lbs guy. My buddy flew Elite and now swears by it. And he’s very picky!
  6. The general rule is the viz isn’t as good as the fall/winter months (it is the Southern hemisphere), but I’ve had some good days during Jan/Feb too. As mentioned, the sediment and the upwellings create some bad viz. However, that doesn’t stop you from doing macro around tulamben, and the night dives at the wreck too. you’ll be fine. Just check with the dive ops just when you arrive so you have a choice. If the viz is bad at the wreck, think of doing the macro trifecta of Tulamben and the north coast sites like PJ/Pemuteran and secret bay. If you must do wide angle, check on Menjangan area. Search the archives for Bali tips as well. Good luck.
  7. So now they’ve just straight out offered you a permit for a price? So much for permit application vs just paying to get that privilege. But yes, if you get lucky and have cetaceans which are playful, it can be awesome. Depends on your luck. I’ve had blown out days, bad days and unhappy animals that just run from anything human!
  8. One not so often mentioned use of the ND filter is to reduce softness caused by diffraction. The AX100 has a 1” sensor, so diffraction will cause a softer pic by around f5.6, if not before. So when you want to maximize resolution, shoot about 1 or 2 stops down aperturewise, around f4-5 wide open. That and using the correct shutter speed means using the ND filter to control light.
  9. It's very interesting that the Norwegians never received the same international ire and animosity as the Japanese. Even the Faroese pilot whale kills doesn't face the same anger as the Taijin dolphin kills, and the Japanese take much fewer cetaceans! Is it any wonder why this report came out 10 days ago and hasn’t gone viral? Go figure! http://time.com/4370478/norway-whaling-report/
  10. When you say budget, how much are you talking about? The most convenient would be Bali. Accommodations can go for even $40 a day (if you’re not too fussy) and depending on where you go, dives are in the $20-40 per dive range, depending on packages etc. Obviously Tulamben is the place to be with a good variety of dive sites. Then there’re the northern areas like Seririt, Pemuteran etc. Bali is good for budget diving and a 2-3 dive day with accommodation will come in less than $150 even. Besides those well-trodden places mentioned above. there are some interesting off beaten path places which have good variety of diving. Around Alor, you have nice walls and coral (although I’m no sure how the bleaching is this year.) as well as some very good macro. I can’t tell you which resort to stay or which ops though, since I go there mostly with liveaboards but I do know there are a few resorts and temp trips which go out there during your time frame. Pricewise, I’d put it in the $200+ per day range. Most of them have some sort of unlimited house reef dives scheme. Way off the beaten path, there are a few places in Southern Sulawesi that hit the Wakatobi National Park (not the resort). For a real off the beaten path, a favorite of liveaboards going in/out of Maumere, Flores is Wodong Bay. I have seen the beach cottages in the Wodong village itself, but never stayed there. Saw divers from the ops everytime we go there. Nice macro and even a decent Japanese wreck. There are backpacker places as well. I just know the dive sites only and not the place that well. Good luck!
  11. If you are using a 5k monitor, GPU acceleration is more noticeable. I don’t use LR but CC2015 PS, PP, AE and they all work much better with GPU acceleration, especially CUDA. I don’t know if CUDA vs OPENCL is faster though for OSX. If you use LR more often, then going with a CUDA Nvidia card would probably be faster, cos it is with my MP5.1 using PS. But since you are using FCPX and I assume OSX.11/10, then you go also with the AMD R9 which are ROM flashed to work with macs. CUDA isn’t great with the newer OSXes. Check out macvidcards for the R9. Hope this helps.
  12. If they are just low browing (organizations who can pay but will try not to!), I just send them the price list, and they sometimes will buy. If they are really nice and new at it (students), I'm nice back. If they are giving me BS like credit is best etc, I ignore.
  13. It's that time of the year again so Asia Dive Expo visitors, don't forget to join Wetpixel/Scubacam for the afterparty at Saint Ma at Suntec at 930pm, after the Speaker's party! The party starts there! Look for the imager's corner!
  14. It's excellent, Mark. If you have an old Nikonos 15 lying around, as I do, then it's worth getting the adapter. However, the A7SII drinks batteries like alcoholic in an open bar! The WB does have a bit of issue with deeper depths though and MWB though.
  15. Just a tick over 10 years when the last thread was started regarding this "touchy" subject. Everyone will have their opinions and some are more "touchy" than others, as you'll see in the thread. "Set up" shots are difficult to prove, so we have to rely on honesty, which is difficult in itself. If one goes to macro photography, some form of manipulation/handling is almost necessary for many subjects. So it's a matter of degree. Otherwise, one would be limited to the subjects which solely lie in the open. Everyone has their own limits. While no site would actively promote wanton destruction of the reef/creatures, pretty hard to draw a line in the sand. The flying octopus brought out the discussion years ago. Even the NHM and BBC can't really see a way out (except for wolfgate!). http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=10332
  16. Wow looking at that workflow, that's a lot of jumping around. Have you thought of using Resolve or Premiere Pro CC? Both can edit natively (Well PPCC needs to have the .raw file converted to CDNG) and Resolve has awesome coloring tools. PPCC works well with its coloring tools, but definitely the tools aren't as detailed or flexible as Resolve.
  17. Nope. you will have to live with the small cursor or switch every time you use PS.
  18. AFAIK, the production company has to carry insurance for the shoot, including actors and crew, including underwater accidents etc. Of course, that depends on the policy of that school. You'll need to either get a lawyer to read up the policy. Good luck.
  19. Don, I would think protected species in protected areas, like what Marjo is talking about, would be a conservation effort, and should fall within the "reasonable" restrictions of the US Supreme Court decision. It's not illegal to take a picture of a leatherback in the sea though. The fiasco in Ostional beach with the (attempted) nesting of Olive Ridleys proves that it shouldn't be a free for all.
  20. Leo, some nice macro in LuDao. I have a question: A few of the wide angle shots had a lot of magenta cast, at least on my screens. What kind of post did you do and with which program? What was the original like?
  21. The A7 line from Sony problem the most convoluted of any mirrorless camera. A7s II, A7R II then the "plain jane" A7 II. I would suggest you up the budget and buy a A7sII if video is your primary use. It's more resilient to overheating, unlike the A7RII, and shoots 4k, which the A7II doesn't. The noise performance is the best there is but obviously the 4k files aren't spectacular due to the low bit rate at 100mbps bit rate. Still for 4k in a small compact housing, with the low light performance, despite the WB limitations and low bit rate.
  22. I know the issue is solved for the op, but for others, I use the Thorlab Flock sheet, which can be cut to match any lens. All my underwater lenses have this in the front ring. I would rather do this than a marker because if I accidentally mark the lens element, it's not easy to get the ink off!
  23. Well once the budget opens up, so do the options. I haven't shot with the C300II underwater but I have with the C300. The colors are good (especially out to a RAW recorder) but frame rates were limited in 4k. The C300II changes that and allows 4k onboard. Not sure if the Gates housing will fit though, since it is slightly bigger. Still depends on what you are shooting. There's also the Red Raven and Sony FS7 as well. And we haven't even decided on the housing yet! No doubt the C300II is known for reliability and the depth of the EF lens collection is awesome, not to mention cheaper media compared to a Red MiniMag. The Sony A7sII is all about low noise, dynamic range, compactness and stills flexibility for less than $3k. Sony color science has always been a bit contentious for underwater use, but it's decent down to 40ft.
  24. I'm usually a make it blue water, natural light with occasional filter use kinda guy, and rely on Resolve to perform color magic to get the colors I want. The Canon DSLR have the WB edge, but 4k and lower noise isn't something to sneeze at. Nothing on the lower side of $3k shoots 4k video with this sort of low light performance in-cam. Then there's the issue with limited lens choice for wide angle. Fortunately, I have the old Nikonos 15mm sitting around. And the new 16-35 is good for video, but so so for the A7RII pics. Pick your poison as it were.
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