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  1. Thanks guys for your comments, the Bannerfish is a picture that i shot on film, maybe i should revisit it :-) I tend to use lightroom to process my shots, i like the tools it provides for RAW pics, i never use sharpening though. I'll take a good look at those shots Steve to see if i can improve them.
  2. Hi Guys, I'm relatively new here, with some trepidation i'm posting up a few pics for a critique from you all. If you get a chance take a quick look, i'd like to know what you all think of them. I have a flickr page too, http://www.flickr.com/photos/harrison_underwater The two wide shots were taken in Sipadan, and the other was the Red Sea. Kit wise, i used a Nikon D200 in a Subal housing, nikkor 10.5mm and twin SB105 strobes. I've just replaced these with Inon z220's, any tips in their use would be appreciated as they are very different from the 105's. It would be great if you took the time to look and give me your thoughts. Thanks
  3. Thanks guys, You have put my mind at rest, i'll stick with them, my only concern is not having enough power settings. I guess i'll just have to move them back a bit behind the housing.
  4. Thanks Eric, i'm going to do more pool work to help with flash positioning. I may just turn them up some and move them right back to see how they fare. I'm off to Sipadan in a couple of weeks, so i need to sort this out pronto. I guess i'll just have to see how they go. Like you say i could change one... Milo
  5. Hi Everyone, I have a question with a potentially expensive answer Will my two Nikon SB105's give me enough coverage for the 10.5mm Nikon fisheye?? I haven't used them in anger on a dive yet with this lens,(i have just gone digital), only in a pool, with varying degrees of success. I'm comtemplating thinking about two Inons instead, but only if i need to. I'd rather keep the £800 or so in my pocket. Thanks
  6. Milo

    FS Subal ND20

    i'll pm you. Hi Tommy, I'll have the dome off you, i tried to PM you, not sure if it went through though. Let me know how you want to be paid. Cheers
  7. Hi guys, I have a Subal F70 housing and a Nikon F70 camera with a 28-80mm lens for sale. The lens has the correct gears for the housing. All are in very good condition, having been used on a maximum of 5 weekly dive trips. I have bought a d200 set up so i'm selling one of my film housings. Make me a sensible offer and they are yours. Cheers
  8. Milo

    FS Subal ND20

    if you want to sell the dp fe2 let me know
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