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  1. Awesome. Thanks. Way more info than I expected, and all of it good. Thanks again.
  2. I'm confused by some of the stuff I've read which assume knowledge I don't have. In short will a 100A be able to function with a D80? All the connectors are right. Thanks in advance
  3. ok, so we have established that there are downsides to pelican cases and that things sometimes get stolen. Let's say I want to use the pelican case - any advice on packing in the foam other than don't?
  4. Before I start tearing away at the spongy stuff in my brand new pelican box I want to see if there are any big do's or don'ts people have from their own housing boxes. I have(thanks Mike!) Aquatica D80 housing 8" dome 60mm flat port 2 x DS125 strobes 32"s of arms with connectors Various chargers, cables etc Pelican 1610 case to fit it all in - so should be plenty of space Looking for anyones advice on things like - split the housing body in 2 or not; put the dome horizontally or vertically, keep charger separate or not, and so on. Look forward to hearing any thoughts. Thanks, Matt.
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