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  1. 1 Sea & Sea 5-pin sync cord (model #17100) w/Nikonos connector. Like new. $70. Ship to USA only.
  2. Two have sold. I have one left for $70.
  3. Sure thing. $140 for two. You can email me directly at amyg@nwlink.com.
  4. Three Sea & Sea 5-pin sync cords (model #17100) with Nikonos connectors. Like new. $210 for all three cords.
  5. Aquatica D2X Housing for Nikon D2x DSLR camera. Includes handles, two Nikonos flash ports, rebuild 0-ring kit, and instruction manual. No ports are included. $450
  6. Hi Robert: Are you still interested? I'd like to ship these soon or put them on eBay. Thanks.
  7. Yes, they only work manual with my current digital setup. I shoot with the Nikon D2Xs. Personally, I've preferred shooting manual with digital, and I can see right away with the review screen if I need to adjust the exposure.
  8. You are correct. The upgrade was a "10K Update" that improved the TTL circuitry, and not a DS standard. My mistake! Please let me know if you're interested. $500 or best offer + shipping.
  9. For Sale: 2 Ikelite 200 Substrobes, upgraded for use with digital cameras 3 Battery Packs 1 Smart Charger 2 Dual TTL Synch Chords, Ikelite to Nikonos V ports 2 Single TTL Synch Chords, Ikelite to Nikonos V ports $500 + shipping, payment through PayPal Will ship to U.S.A. and Canada Email me directly: amyg@nwlink.com
  10. Would you be interested in selling just the housing? I already have the camera body. Thanks.
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