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  1. ebay listing expired (had fraudulent buyer) these items still for sale as of 6-5-17. only $999.00. will ship to u.s. only. buyer pays shipping. may pick up if in sarasota fl. email me with any questions and for additional pics mrthinc@gmail.com
  2. to buy please see my ebay listing: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Nikon-D-80-Camera-Aquatica-Housing-w-Ports-and-Lenses-for-Underwater-and-Land-/282499782446?hash=item41c64c972e:g:~lkAAOSwZKBZLJM9 This Nikon D80 in its Aquatica housing takes amazing pictures whether set up for wide angle or macro and even on land. I'm including the Nikon D80 camera 2 batteries and charger, Aquatica D80 Housing w/ Moisture Alarm, 1" angle dovetail ball arm mounts, and Body Cap. Nikkor 60mm/2.8 AF-D Macro lens, Aquatica Macro Port w/ neoprene cover, Aquatica 1" extension ring and Rear Port Cap. Sigma 10-20mm Zoom lens w/ zoom gear, Aquatica 8" Dome port w/ shade, neoprene dome cover and Rear Port Cap. Nikkor 18-135mm/3.5-5.6 AF-S lens (used on land only) Two Nikonos SB105 Strobes w/ 1" ball mounts. Double sync cord and spare single sync cord. spare 'O' rings & grease AND an American Tourister carry on roller case w/foam to hold everything!
  3. i have non working nikon d80 was in a flooded housing along with flooded nikon 60mm lens. i aso have non working nikon 102 strobe (not flooded, i think bad capacitors) are you interested?
  4. for a while there was much discussion about aquatica. breaking the cannon code to allow using nikonus flash with the new digital rebel. now nothing. is it available yet?
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