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  1. I am the only girl my parents had after having 3 boys. My Dad and brothers took me to their local dive instructor when I was eleven and said enough snorkelling time for diving. I never looked back. I got my first job diving in our local aquarium cleaning the inside of the ocean/shark tank and doing the live feeds for the tourist I was 15 when I started this job, they couldn't find anyone else male or female to dive in 9degree celcius water in winter for 3 hours cleaning. I couldn't afford a drysuit so I did it in a 5mm and I loved it. I have since logged around 1700 dives. I worked in Cairns at one of the leading underwater camera specialist wholesalers, my boss preferred having me as a woman doing the sales as I wasn't so gung ho, cocky and I landed a lot more sales, I built great relationships for the company. I think I don't post as much as some of the guys because if I have a question I seek out the most knowledgable person I know on the subject here in Australia or overseas call or email directly and get their help if they have the time. I worked in the Solomons in 1995 for 15months as a Divemaster/Instructor and fill in hostess on three of the liveaboards there and the clients I had I would like to think had an enjoyable time with me without the need for strapping cocky male divemaster. I love my diving, love my photography just as much, i love the fact that my son is just three and snorkells like a demon.
  2. Thanks, one of our clients asked for the information and i will pass it on to them . Cheers Kristy
  3. Can anyone please tell me if you can on the Ikelite S2 housing or the D100 housing manually adjust aperture on a 105 macro lenslike you could on the "old" SLR housings. Thanks.
  4. I used to work in the Sols, at one of the dive shops there for a 14-18 months, great diving no matter what depth you aim for. As for a good rate to get there, try out www.diversionoz.com they are a wonderful company Claudia and Dirk run it and have helped my family and myself out on some great diving holidays especially in the SOuth Pacific they are based here in Cairns but organsie great travel deals from all over the world, they do especially good deals for Europeans travelling to the south pacific as they - the staff are mostly European. I have noticed they have had some excellent specials for the Solomons and PNG of late. Hope this helps you out and say G'Day to my wreck - the Aaron Ward.
  5. Just got back from Fiji - it was gorgeous the diving better then I remembered, but then again. i dived there last when i was 11... The water temp was at 30m was 31 degrees celcius. I have dived mostly wrecks, i love rusty metal. and usually only because of the lack of really good coral to enjoy looking at. Good news, I saw some of the most beuatiful coloured hard and soft corals ever, it was really amazing my father who is like old salt of the sea couldn't believe the colours we were seeing, it actually looked painted - unreal. Had a great time, great diving, warm water, my son is snorkelling now and he is only 2years and two months, i have him hooked. Will be going back to Fiji for X-mas this year.
  6. We have sold two of these housings in the past week or so and the Aquatech guys were explaining to me that the housing was design for under direction from Disneyland, something tough, durable, easy access for download for the "wet" rides. The feedback we have had after purchasing the housing has been extremely favourable.
  7. James - Wish i could but i have a contract to meet in March...but it is only 30,000 frequent flyer points for me to fly Cairns Brisbane Nadi return....something to aim for, don't think i could get the extra time off, wouldn't mind testing out two of our new housings though before the Australian dive show. BTW - our shop bought the Calypso i asked about it is the French version, the Calypsophot - lovely condition, the grandaddy of the cameras looks very neat next to digital setups in our display cabinet.
  8. Thanks guys, for your help. It is a an original and i think from the prices quoted above more than a bargain. Thanks heaps - Kristy.
  9. I have the chance to purchase a 1965 Calypso in very good condition, anyone have any idea how much they are worth at the moment? Thanks, K.
  10. G'Day Kristy from Cairns, Australia. I have been diving for 15years, my Dad got me into it at 11. Gave me a Nik V for my 15th birthday and a ticket for us to head of too Guam and Truk lagoon, so i have loving underwater photography since then. WOrked in the Solomons for a year and a half or so straight after school, then off to Derawan Island and Kalimantan, then joined the Australian Navy for 5 and a half years, so continued diving all around. I currently work fo a wholesale underwater camera company so i use a mixture of equipment whatever we have new at the time and we need to know how it works to give honest sales advice... Off to Fiji with my 2 year old son and best mate for two weeks in March, looking forward to some great diving and relaxing times, rather then all work more work and you guessed it more work...
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