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  1. Hi, I am posting this for a friend who is selling his Aquatica kit for the Nikon D7000. It includes 3 transport cases. Please write to the following address if you have any questions: agauthier1@hotmail.com Aquatica AD7000 housing with moisture alarm installed and new battery installed plus one spare 8’’ dome port 18405 8’’ dome shade 18480 Neoprene cover for dome shade 18503 Port extension for tokina 10-17mm 18456 Port extension for Nikon 105mm macro 18453 Rear port cap (2x) 18790 Zoom gear for tokina 10-17mm 48717 AF macro port with neoprene cover 18428 TLC 1’’ ball (2x) 17651 TLC clamp 17800 TLC arm 4x11x11 (2x) 17512 TLC base bracket (2x) 17550 TLC to ikelite ball head adapter (2x) 17692 TLC support for TTL adapter Ikelite 17858 TLC adapter 1’’ ¼-20 17651 Ikelite Cable dual flash TTL 4103 52 Adapter Ikelite iTTL 4301 Flash DS160 (2x) 4060 4 batteries 1 charger Nikon D7000 body 1 battery 1 charger 8GB SD card (2x) Tokina 10-17mm lens Nikon 60mm macro lens Asking US $ 4,700
  2. Just spent a week diving Tubbataha aboard the Azores. Never touched macro setup. W/A is the way to go. With a manta ray touching my dome port at Black Rock cleaning station I did not miss the 60 or the 105...:-). Enjoy this fabulous diving.
  3. Agree with Alex. Use all three lenses. 105 is trickier to use. The 85 is a great lens on APS-C and doing super macro with it works just fine.
  4. Looking for Ikelite Manual EV Controllers. Pls respond via PM. Michel
  5. 60mm is a good choice as a macro/fish portrait lens and, as Joe mentions, it is an FX lens. The 40 would be interesting for subjects like large groupers or similar which are a tad too large for the 60. We use the 35mm f/2 D for such subjects. The 85 is a nice lens but it is only a DX optic. The 60 will remain with you for a long time. Make sure you get the AFS version, far better AF performance. Michel
  6. Thx Steve, The18-35 may be interesting since it may need a shorter extension. Price/quality ratio should be interesting to compare with big brothers. Fitted to a D600 it could become an economic alternative for many. Anyone volunteers for the task? Michel
  7. Where is the GoPro when you need it? Michel
  8. Alex seems to prefer the 16-35 for u/w work. Did you have a chance to check that one out too. 60mm extension seems pretty long indeed. Great info. Thx for sharing. Michel
  9. The latest issue of Diver magazine ( canuck version) is available in print and in iPad edition. For those who want a taste of Canadian diving, A mari usque ad mare, look it up, spectacular cold water imagery and many other things. Blatant self promo from a contributor! http://www.divermag.com/ipad/ Michel Moved to Members in Media forum: Admin.
  10. AF-S is a no brainer unless you have a budget issue. MUCH faster AF.
  11. Michel #2 says the same. Job well done Eric & team.
  12. I agree that the names cited before are North-American centric. Similarly talented people are found in Europe, Asia and Australia. And there must be many other unknown photographers who have produced iconic images that have yet to be seen by many audiences. This is in part why a gallery would help.
  13. Steve, the link idea is a good start. Maybe Eric and/or others more involved in Wetpixel can look and see what could be done. Most of the contemporary photographers that all admires have online galleries and some major publications like NGM have their own iconic images galleries. Links could be interesting in this regard. What is most interesting is to add the story behind the image and read about the vision of the photographer. I couldn't care less about ISO/shutter speed/f/stop... What is important is the thinking behind the picture. I like the diagram, nice way of explaining what lies between snapshots (which can become iconic albeit accidentally) and images that show vision, innovation. Images that carry a message whatever it may be.
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