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  1. Thanks. I was able to find one & no longer needed.
  2. Preferably looking for the model with removable shade p/n 188811, but might consider the 18810. Thanks.
  3. All sold but the 30mm macro. Will sell for $140. Lens works fine & is in good condition. I bought it used & don’t have the box.
  4. New prices - A6000 $300, 30mm macro lens $150, focus gear $90
  5. Dome and 16mm , FE converter are sold. focus gear, macro lens & A6000 still for sale.
  6. Sold the housing now selling accessories: Nauticam 4.33 in dome (#36125) with cover & box. I’m original owner, like new condition. $400. (Free shipping in US). Sony 16mm + ECF1 fish eye converter. Original owner, have all original packaging, $205 for both including shipping. Nauticam focus gear (#36171) for Sony 30mm macro lens. Complete with box $100 (Free shipping in US). Sony 30mm macro lens excellent condition $170 & including shipping in US. Sony A6000 camera, mint, original owner, all original packaging, under 1500 clicks $310 w/US shipping. Can send pics of all. PayPal is preferred. located in Seattle.
  7. I’m selling my Nauticam housing for the Sony A6000 camera. The housing is in Like new condition- used on just 4 dives. Housing comes with original packaging & included accessories. Price is $800 with free shipping in USA. For international shipping, please PM me & I’ll look up cost ( I’m in Seattle).
  8. Price reduced to $700 with free US shipping.
  9. I'm selling just the housing, which is in excellent condition. I recently paid $290 for Reef Photo to clean & overhaul the housing & then used it for just 2 dives. So its still in great shape. I'm selling now as I've switched to a A6000 camera & housing & can't travel with both systems. Price is $800 free shipping in US. I do have a couple of Nex-7 bodies & an extra flex-tray if interested. Thanks,. invoice.pdf
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