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  1. Thanks - I will report back as to what I find... Cheers
  2. Hi All, Heading to Bali, Borneo and KL for approx 1 week each... Want to see some AWSOME stuff, and would like to know of any places to avoid, and what not to miss. I have my family with me, so only day dives will do... Cheers
  3. Hi All - We found a large jelly fish with another animal growing off the back of it. For the life of us we cant work out what it is, it has all the characteristics of a barnacle but no hard shell, it was completely soft and growing from inside the outer layer of the bell of the jelly!!!!!!!! Have any of you see anything like it? The jelly would have been 15cm diam and the thing had a stem of about 4cm and top section of maybe 3cm!!! Please see pictures to ID here and here. Thanks
  4. Hi All, I have started a new website in Australia called VIZBIZ. It contains all my dive pictures, and I am adding Dive Logs of all the dives I am doing (or have done). Please come visit and create an account (www.vizbiz.com.au) - Even if you are not in Aus. Once you are in, view my gallery, rate my picture and comment on them please. Talk soon A.
  5. Hi All, I have completed my Online gallery now. I would like to welcome you all to come and have a look. Please create an account to see the Gallery link. We just did an awesome dive around a place called Bicheno in Tasmania. Down to depths around 35m water around 8-9 deg C. Please also feel free to review, rate and comment on pictures. Let me know wht you think of my gallery too.... Site is at http://www.dlight.myphotos.cc/ Cheers
  6. Hi - Wanted Ikelite DS-125... Send me a PM if you have one... Cheers
  7. Why has this not been done... or has it? I would love to have (or find) a product as below for my image management. A large majority of people nowadays have a home PC or server sitting on the edge of their network acting as a server for Web pages to the Internet. What I am after uses several components: Server The server is configured as such: Large Disk Space Data Base of some description Web Server of some description Gallery Application Server Client The Client is configured as below: Temp Disk space Access to the Server DB Access to the Disk Space on the server Gallery Application Client The Application - Client Side The client side application is used to download your images to the server data store (disk) Used to tag pictures with information (Comments, Rate, Location Date EXIF (date) etc) - All stored in DB on the server Images are also tagged as to being Web Gallery Image with the below options; Public (all to view) Private (need to be a member of a group (user name and password to see these pictures) * Group 1 - Eg Family * Group 2 - Divers * etc... So.... I tag picture 1 to 5 on the client as being (Category - Location - Date - Comment) and then set it to be (Web Public) and.... I tag picture 6 to 10 on the client as being (Category - Location - Date - Comment) and then set it to be (Web Private - Family) and.... all other untagged pictures 11 to 1034) have Location set, but no WEB Gallery Tick set. The Application - Server Side The server web gallery just sites there and ever few minutes looks in the DB - It looks for images with WEB gallery tick set and then build a dynamic web gallery according to the category information. The result would be: A public gallery with pictures 1-5 in it for all to see: Arranged as per the DB info about the tags (location, date, event) A private Gallery needing a log on to show public and also include the pictures 6-10 (display all pictures 1-10): Arranged as per the DB info about the tags (location, date, event) **** The Outcome **** I go out and shot some pictures at 5 places over 4 days. I come home. I use the client to drag all images off my camera to the server. I then Tag images with the Location they were shot, and maybe the event, and I rate them too. I add a comment if I feel like it too... Then I look at the images and select what I want to display as Public on my Web Gallery and tick the box. I then look at what I want to restrict (maybe Family of club members only) and I tick them as Web Gallery too, but as Private and in the Family or Club Group. I then shut down my home PC and it is done. The server looks in the DB and notices a change. It looks to see if any images needed to be added to the web gallery, and dynamically updates the pages and navigation of the gallery site. I can come back to the client at any time, and untick an image that was in the web gallery, and it will get removed from the gallery when the server next does a DB scan for changes. All my images and gallery information I can backup to a USB HD or DVD's once a day or week as a background task. It means I can see what is shared on the gallery from the client, and no more stuffing around with having to select pictures to up load, and have pictures in 3 diff location.... Help - Is it out there?
  8. Hi - As the title says - I have a nikon D300 in Ikelite housing with DS-125 at the moment. Any advantage in getting a DS-200 as a second strobe, or should I get another DS-125? Advantages / Disadvantages? Can i use both at the same time with a sync cord? Thanks
  9. Thanks - What model Pel Case? Got any pictures? Cheers
  10. Hi - Who in Australia would have the below in stock? 1 x Ikelite 5510.45 (8†Dome) 1 x Ikelite 5510.10 (Extension Tube) Cheers
  11. Thanks - Do you have a hard case with foam cut-outs to use while you travel with it?
  12. Hi All, What is the best way to store a housing when not in use? Is it best left open or closed? Port on of port off? My thinking is open and no port so not to keep the oring under presure... With the DS-125, Battery on of battery off the unit? Thoughts?
  13. Hi All, I now have all my gear as below. What do i put it in while I am traveling and on the boat etc. I would like something that holds all the gear in foam etc.. Cheers Needs to hold.... Ikelite Housing (D300) 2 x DS-125 Strobes and Arms 1 x 8" Port and Extensions 2 x Flat Ports couple of lenses (2-3) Spare Gear (orings etc, tools) Chargers etc (Strobe and Camera)
  14. Response from Ikelite - All Good... Subject: Re: FW: D300 Housing Question... Thank you for the inquiry. The black seal that the customer identifies under the top latch is actually a black spacer washer rather than a seal. This black spacer washer is not needed for the two side latches. I apologize for the confusion. Regards, Duane / Ikelite
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