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    Aquatica A-300, 60mm f2.8, 12-14mm f4; (2x) YS-110

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    Nikon D300
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    aquatica A-300, 60mm f2.8, 12-14mm f4
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    (2x) inon Z-240 type 4
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    ULCS Arms
  1. For sale is my YS converter for Nikon cameras $350. Still looks and good working condition. Used it for d300 and z240. Email direct: rhidalgo5006@sbcglobal.net Thanks!
  2. Need advice for a good dive outfit in the Bahamas taking my aquatica ad7000 and Mr tokina 10-17mm Where should I dive for nice schooling fish and pelagics. thanks!
  3. Anyone who wants to sell Aquatica AD7000 housing? Please let me know send pictures and info to rhidalgo5006@sbcglobal.net Thanks, RH
  4. if anyone decides to sell their aquatica d7000 housing let me know. send offer direct rhidalgo5006@sbcglobal.net Thanks
  5. Selling my very reliable Nikon D300 with only 11,800 Actuation. Well taken cared for with minimal signs of wear no dings or scratches. will provide photos. $775.00 obo. or just email at rhidalgo5006@sbcglobal.net moving to different camera.
  6. Looking for an Aquatica AD300 Housing must be in very good condition. Just email me direct rhidalgo5006@sbcglobal.net
  7. It time to say goodbye to my much loved Aquatica AD300. I am the original owner and only use it when i travel once a year. It is in a 9-10 condition only barely visible scuff marks from the Camera soaking tanks. Need to sell to propel my Business www.r-innovations.net. I make the compact arm and tray for the GOPRO Camera. Its just sitting in my closet anyway. Just email me directly for prompt response. rhidalgo5006@sbcglobal.net PAYPAL transaction only. free shipping to 48 states. $1,100.00 USD firm. here is the photo link: http://rsh47.smugmug.com/Electronics/Aqaut...19139997_nDft9J Thanks for looking Ramon
  8. Up for sale is my Aquatica AD300 Housing only in great condition. your normal wear and tear not banged-up! selling for 1,500 USD. email at rhidalgo5006@sbcglobal.net Thanks Ramon
  9. Thanks Ken, This occured during a trip to the philippines just recently. For some reason I had to disconnect/connect the sync-cords while on the boat. noticed the strobe to be firing irratically upon connecting. Did i short anything/water comming in? where can i have this looked at, I bought these back in the phillippines 2 years ago. I am based in los angeles. thanks!
  10. I was recently diving with my pair on Inon Z240 type 4, I noticed that the one of the strobe unit ready indicator light was taking longer than the other unit. I have inter changed batteries, interchanged sync-chords. Is there something wrong with this strobe unit? Thanks for your advice. Ramon
  11. Hi all! Finally bought my YS-converter, looking for (2) 5pin sync chords to connect my Z-240 strobes. Thanks!
  12. thanks Mike would this be a used item, to save on dough...
  13. Just wanted to see if anyone interested to sell their nikon-TTL converter for a good price. Thanks
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