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  1. For sale is my YS converter for Nikon cameras $350. Still looks and good working condition. Used it for d300 and z240. Email direct: rhidalgo5006@sbcglobal.net Thanks!
  2. Need advice for a good dive outfit in the Bahamas taking my aquatica ad7000 and Mr tokina 10-17mm Where should I dive for nice schooling fish and pelagics. thanks!
  3. Anyone who wants to sell Aquatica AD7000 housing? Please let me know send pictures and info to rhidalgo5006@sbcglobal.net Thanks, RH
  4. if anyone decides to sell their aquatica d7000 housing let me know. send offer direct rhidalgo5006@sbcglobal.net Thanks
  5. Selling my very reliable Nikon D300 with only 11,800 Actuation. Well taken cared for with minimal signs of wear no dings or scratches. will provide photos. $775.00 obo. or just email at rhidalgo5006@sbcglobal.net moving to different camera.
  6. Looking for an Aquatica AD300 Housing must be in very good condition. Just email me direct rhidalgo5006@sbcglobal.net
  7. It time to say goodbye to my much loved Aquatica AD300. I am the original owner and only use it when i travel once a year. It is in a 9-10 condition only barely visible scuff marks from the Camera soaking tanks. Need to sell to propel my Business www.r-innovations.net. I make the compact arm and tray for the GOPRO Camera. Its just sitting in my closet anyway. Just email me directly for prompt response. rhidalgo5006@sbcglobal.net PAYPAL transaction only. free shipping to 48 states. $1,100.00 USD firm. here is the photo link: http://rsh47.smugmug.com/Electronics/Aqaut...19139997_nDft9J Thanks for looking Ramon
  8. Up for sale is my Aquatica AD300 Housing only in great condition. your normal wear and tear not banged-up! selling for 1,500 USD. email at rhidalgo5006@sbcglobal.net Thanks Ramon
  9. Thanks Ken, This occured during a trip to the philippines just recently. For some reason I had to disconnect/connect the sync-cords while on the boat. noticed the strobe to be firing irratically upon connecting. Did i short anything/water comming in? where can i have this looked at, I bought these back in the phillippines 2 years ago. I am based in los angeles. thanks!
  10. I was recently diving with my pair on Inon Z240 type 4, I noticed that the one of the strobe unit ready indicator light was taking longer than the other unit. I have inter changed batteries, interchanged sync-chords. Is there something wrong with this strobe unit? Thanks for your advice. Ramon
  11. Hi all! Finally bought my YS-converter, looking for (2) 5pin sync chords to connect my Z-240 strobes. Thanks!
  12. thanks Mike would this be a used item, to save on dough...
  13. Just wanted to see if anyone interested to sell their nikon-TTL converter for a good price. Thanks
  14. Looking to buy a good bargain before the new one.
  15. I recently purchased a 4" aquatica dome to go with my d300 & housing. The dome shade seems to be not centered when attached to the housing via one of my port extensions. Is there any way for me to loosen and rotate the shade to center. or is this dome specifically made for its own. extension? This goes with a tokina 10-17mm lens. I need another 200 USD just to get its dedicaed extension. btw. shouldn't this come with a dome cover?
  16. I have upgraded to inon z240's while i was overseas last month. could not resist the deal. Never flooded. and these are not Alphas. I think these are just as fast as the alphas since the refresh time is almost instant. Payment will be USPS money order total of $510.00 priority mail about 2-3 days delivery time. thanks, just email directly so i can respond promptly. email to rhidalgo5006@sbcglobal.net.
  17. just sent you link for photos http://www.flickr.com/photos/chidalgo/sets...648491218/show/
  18. FOR SALE: (2) YS-110 $500 for pair $300 each. my email rhidalgo5006@sbcglobal.net
  19. I have the same setup as you do, except i have the 240 type-4's. Just sold my ys110's and can justify a purchase of the s&s ttl converter III. using tokina 10-17 and nikon 60mm. I love WA with the 240's. Very tempted to buy those converters. How are you doing with your setup so far? to this date. many thanks, Ramon
  20. 300.00 usd which includes the ball connector a 30 dollar value
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