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  1. This was also happened in DX1G. Use a focus light to make the LCD slightly brighter!
  2. XCY

    New DX-1G

    Thanks Greg! I used to use A mode most of the time because of the LCD in M mode is too dark for me. If I need to use M mode, I have to turn my focus light brighter for me to see and for the DX1G to focus. Auto focus is ok, especially if you use a focus light but the response of the camera is not fast at tall. I use manual focus when I was not able to use focus light. For example, the mandarin fishes mating pictures, I had to preset the focus at about 8 cm, use a large f-stop for better depth of field and push the button when the fishes came together. I guess nudis are good models. They are colorful, don't move a lot and you can get really close. Have fun with the Dx1G!
  3. XCY

    New DX-1G

    The one is an old model and there are prone to flooding which was the experience by many Hong Kong divers. Here is some new model. http://www.i-divesite.com/catalog.asp?catid=40693 I guess Dx1G is a good camera and here are my photos with it. http://www.flickr.com/photos/cywong/sets/72157607904453785/ I used to use A mode as I found the LCD in M mode is too dark for me and my eyes. I'm using Inon strobe and do have have the problem of miss fire mentioned so far.
  4. Why you don't look for an old or new Nexus D200 housing in which you may be able to house your future D300 or 700?
  5. Most of the DC use a preflash to light the object of interest and the sensor of the DC then calculate the output for the subsequent flash. This is not true TTL (through the len) function. A camera with TTL doesn't necessarily need a preflash (e.g. most DSLR) and the sensor actually monitor the amount of light reaching the object of interest and quench the flash once the exposure is adequate (the output is not predetermined). A digital strobe which act as a slave copies everything from the main flash of the DC including preflash. If the camera has TTL function. a strobe with optical TTL can copy exactly the output from the main flash.
  6. This doesn't necessary mean it has TTL. When you cover the len, the CCD sense nothing during the preflash and the flash will fire at full power. With a f-stop 4.1, shutter 1/80 iso 100 and taking a picture of your computer monitor, it is expected the flash won't fire at full power. You can try to take picture of your screen again with different f-stop and shutter speed and you see if the TTL really works or not.
  7. I'm using Dx1G with Z240 and my friend has the 1G works with D-2000. So far, no problem. Remember, Dx 1G has no TTL function and please use auto or manual mode.
  8. XCY

    New DX-1G

    Please don't do so or you will lose the sea & sea mode. B)
  9. XCY

    New DX-1G

    The LCD is really dimmed in manual mode and you will have difficulties in seeing what you want. With a focus light ( mine is fisheye 20DX ), you will see the difference. BTW, does anyone have the experience with the WA and macro lens (seatool or the S&S)? Cheers!
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