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  1. I asked the same questions a few months ago. Have at a look at this thread rgds Dougie
  2. Hi Greg, thanks. Yes photos were shot in raw in TTL. Minor adjustments in lightroom for exposure and curves and export as full size JPEG Dougie
  3. Hi all here are some pictures from the trip thanks for the advice Dougie
  4. Hi, I have the Canon G9 & Ikelite housing + IKe DS125 strobe. I chose the DS125 as its coverage is good for use with inon w/a some pictures here.. Dougie some pictures with the G9 & DS 125 here
  5. Hi Bill, I bought a Canon G9, Ikelite Housing & Ikelite DS125 strobe. I used it on a trip to the Red Sea Pics Here. I haven't yet used the gear in Ireland due to a little accident with the camera. rgds Dougie
  6. I bought the INON flat port adapter + Inon w/a lens for the Ikelite housing dougie
  7. I've just purchased a Canon G9, Ikelite housing, Ikelite DS125 strobe + inon wide angle lens this is my first u/w outfit and I was looking for some hints & tips regarding best set-up and usage etc so that I'm not fiddling about *too* much with the settings on the first few dives. I'm off to the Red Sea in a couple of weeks so that's where both owner and camera will be tested! thanks Dougie
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