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  1. Hi, is it still for sale?
  2. I also got recommendation from Aquatica itself, that it would be smarter to use smaller 8" Acrylic instead of 9.25" glass dome. I used 9.25" same as my friend with Seacam, and we never had any problems. Cheers
  3. I have used Aquatica A5D MK III at 120m-122m max (rated to 130 with deep spring kit), and had problems below 110m. I could not press record button, I was pressing it but with no effect, it couldn`t start recording. When I came shallower, say to 107m I would press it and than it functioned well. Than I would went deeper. My friend is using Seacam offshore version (rated to 200m) and never had problems at all. Max depth was 123-125m... I think Nauticam has option to upgrade housing to 150m.
  4. Any news on the production of "Upgrade kit" for A5D MKIII housing users? Thank you
  5. Excellent news:) Looking forward to the upgrade!!!
  6. Nice news for Nauticam users...Come on Aquatica do something about it:)
  7. Here is video to the Backscatter article. LINK
  8. Hy.... I just saw video from Backscatter and they mentioned upgrade kits for 5D MK III housings to accommodate 5D MK IV. Nauticam has one already as he show it in video... Anyone know something more? I am interested in Aquatica since I own housing for MK III, but it would be nice from them to offer upgrade... Alex
  9. I didn`t even knew they are producing it. Also I can find it on their web page...What is the price for it?
  10. It can fit both without problem. Thank you
  11. Hi, What external monitor do you use? I never saw this kind of bulkhead. Must say I like this connection more than ma Wahoo HD monitor bulkhead. Regards Alex
  12. I have friends in US you can ship to, ill contact you on PM. Thank you
  13. Hy, can you send me more details in PM please. Location, what the package includes...? Thank you
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