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  1. Hi all, I've enjoyed diving in tropical waters (mostly Indonesia) since 2002 and taking photos. Some albums of my snapshots at: https://www.flickr.com/photos/bora_horza/albums Cheers!
  2. This is a white-spotted hermit crab (Dardanus megistos) :)
  3. A few from Indonesia! Nudibranch (Miamira sinuata) by Iain Fraser, on Flickr False Stonefish (Scorpaenopsis diabolus) by Iain Fraser, on Flickr Ambon scorpionfish (Pteroidichthys amboinensis) by Iain Fraser, on Flickr
  4. Hi all, can anyone help me identify this anenome? Picture taken on a night dive at Alor. ID anyone? by Iain Fraser, on Flickr
  5. Thanks very much Leslie (and Gordon). No pic of the central disc, but after reviewing my own photos a little more closely I've answered my question about the yellowish stuff the crab was eating (whoops!) Porcelain crab (Aliaporcellana) by bora_horza, on Flickr
  6. Hi All, Does anyone know the identity of this blue crab species? Spotted living on a big barrel sponge at Alor, Indonesia. Also any info on what the brittlestar (I think?) also seen in the picture might be. In addition, any thoughts on what the crab is eating? It seems to have gathered some yellowish 'stuff', more of which is visable on the rest of the sponge. Maybe only ramdom plankton, or something excreted / secreted / digested from the sponge by the brittlestar? I'm just curious really! Blue crabs on sponge by bora_horza, on Flickr
  7. Hi All, Can anyone help and identify the following critters? Photos taken at Ambon, Indonesia Nudibranch (Unknown) by bora_horza, on Flickr Nudibranch by bora_horza, on Flickr Nudibranch by bora_horza, on Flickr Nudibranch by bora_horza, on Flickr Thanks!
  8. Thanks for the kind comments all! In Tulamben I just turned up, and stayed and dived with Aqua Dive Paradise, they have a few nice clean bungalows / rooms next to the dive shop, which is located almost in front of the Liberty wreck. Great guides who showed me all sorts of things I'd have otherwize missed! For Alor, I stayed at La Petite Kepa, where I had an excellent time diving with Cedric and the crew. He can show you the divesites in Kalabahi Bay where the various rhinopias fishies can be found. Kepa is a wonderful little island to stay on. Traditional thatched bungalows (and a couple of larger, family sized bungalows with sunset views), solar power lighting in the evenings, great communal meals cooked by Bibi Nene using local market produce, and an interesting mix of backpackers and divers staying at this friendly homestay / resort. Highly recomended!
  9. Hey all, Just back from a dive holiday to Indonesia (Tulamben and Alor) where I had an excellent time! Here are some pics taken using a Canon A570 IS in the Canon housing. Happy diving all :-) Rhinophius by bora_horza, on Flickr Mushroom coral pipefish by bora_horza, on Flickr Paddleflap by bora_horza, on Flickr Jackfish, Tulamben by bora_horza, on Flickr Rhinophius by bora_horza, on Flickr Batfish reflection by bora_horza, on Flickr Rhinopius by bora_horza, on Flickr Seastar by bora_horza, on Flickr Moray pair by bora_horza, on Flickr Crabs on sponge by bora_horza, on Flickr
  10. Komodo vs Alor - mmm, same same but different. From my impressions, both great marine diversity hotspots with strong currents, beautiful corals, etc, so in that respect similar. But you do seem to see different critters in each region (or whats common in one area is 'rare' in the other). I did daytrip diving into Komodo, so visited the central & northern part of the park, generally warmer water (28°C or so) and saw mantas, whitetips, etc (which I did'nt see in my visit to Alor). While in Alor I dived both warmer waters and cooler waters (24°C) which had different smaller critters, plus I saw a mola mola, some wobbegongs, and a glimpse of a hammerhead (which are rarely seen in Komodo). Maybe I saw more pelagics and bigger fish around Komodo, but more interesting smaller things around Alor. (Of course, if you're on a liveaboard in Komodo you can also visit the cooler waters in the south of the park, and see the different critters in that area..) I'd say visit both regions, they compliment each other nicely!
  11. Hi everyone, I’ve recently returned from a diving holiday to Indonesia, visiting Alor, Maumere and Komodo. Thought I’d share a few pics I took out there, and a video I put together from the clips I took in Komodo. These were taken using a Canon A570 IS. Diving Indonesia 2010 - flickr I had a lot of fun - just wish I was still out there! Happy diving all
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