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  1. I forgot the name of this big guy. Seen in Northern Bahamas on a recent shark trip. Thanks.
  2. Eric--I am going on one of the shark trips with JASA. Any special advice for shooting on this trip.
  3. Coleman shrimp from Komodo trip...have a good holiday all. CCD
  4. What I have to sell is this: Aquatica A300 housing 2 housing O-rings (1 of them is new and not used) Aquatica O-ring grease Spare circuit board (connects the camera to the flash bulkhead) Allen wrench to remove the handles for transport instruction book TLC Arm Set (4" Lower, 8" Middle & 8" Upper) with dovetail mounting brackets to the camera housing (these are new and never used) Canon Digital Rebel (300D) Canon 50mm macro lens 256MB compact flash card For all this I think about $1000 USD is a fair price. You pay for shipping. I have attached some photos so you can see it all. The camera and housing were purchased together as a package in September of 2004 and were used for a trip to Australia that month so the housing is practically new (I have recently switched over to the Canon 20D). I priced out what these items would cost new from B&H photo and it was about $2900 for all of the above items in total. You would need to purchase a flat port for the front of the housing. This port is about $300 USD at B&H Photo where I get all my stuff. Also, a strobe and cable will be required. If you want more details or photos you can e-mail me at vze29ttm@verizon.net Chris Dascher
  5. Thanks all for the feedback. To answer Richards question, I bought it as a FLASH template gallery. I have tweaked it a bit but it does not require any heavy knowledge of FLASH. I don't think the company is around anymore but there are tons of these out there that are fairly easy to setup and use. Chris
  6. Hi all...Just updated my web site with photos from a recent Indonesia trip. The galleries named "Komodo 2005" and "Indonesia 2005" have the new stuff along with many additions to my nudibranch gallery. The new Aquatica A20 with Inon Z220s worked great. Still much to learn. Any comments and critiques are appreciated. I still need to annotate the slides a little more for the biologists among us. Note that you can raise or lower the bottom menu panel by clicking on "MENU" for viewing the photos...and I turned off the music by popular request. http://mysite.verizon.net/vze29ttm/ Chris Dascher
  7. I recently returned from Indonesia where I was doing quite a bit of macro. My Aquatica A20 with 100mm lens with two Inon Z220s (on short UL arms) worked great. I had a problem I am sure others have encountered. Often I was holding the camera unit with my right hand for shooting and using the left hand with the "one finger" technique to hold position. The camera tends to be faily negative with the macro setup and I was straining after a while to hold it level. I added a piece of carefully cut surf-board foam aquired in Bali to the left hand side arm and this worked for a few dives. However, it soon became crushed from repeated dives (as most foam does) and was rendered useless. Does anyone have a product solution or know of a foam material that will not crush so readily? I saw a few threads on this but wanted to put it out there again. Thanks. Chris
  8. I know this has been batted around before but what is a decent small focus light. Does leaving it on for the shot cause problems in the image? <_<
  9. It is always recomended that you bring a xerox of your passport in case it is lost or stolen. I just photograph it with my digital camera and E-mail it to myself and leave it in my inbox. That way it is in cyberspace, I just need an internet connection in case I lose my original. I do it with my NAUI certification too. Just another backup system. Never had to use it. CCD
  10. Thanks for all the great advice and discussions. I am indeed leaning toward a pair of the Z220F strobes. I will be in Bali and Wakatobi in September so I expect it to be mostly macro anyway. Then Inons will be ideal for this. I will keep my YS90auto as a backup. Incidentally, my YS90auto failed on its first dive trip before it hit the water, leaving me without a prime strobe so I was sympathetic with Kasey's Iklite story. It was brand new and worked before I left for Australia. Something went bad on the circut board according to S&S after I sent it back for repairs. Lesson: regardless of your brand, always have backup (which I did). Chris
  11. Thanks Mick...let me know how the 14453 works with the 10-22mm. I have the same set up and don't feel like buying another ring. Chris
  12. Hi Mick-Still can't find 18461 on B&H....maybe a different number ??? Chris
  13. Thanks Robert and James. I am still firming up plans but those suggestions sound good. I was wondering if Robert knows anything about Grand Komodo Tours liveaboards. They have several tripos with space. Chris
  14. I just wanted to check...is the 18453 extension just for the 100mm macro lens? I can't find the 18461 on the Aqautica site. Chris
  15. Thanks for the info and opinions. Are the 200s a little overpowered for macro shooting or can they be turned down adequately for close work. I am assuming that perhaps people have a separate set of lights for either macro or wide-angle work and set up accordingly before a dive. I am thinking to get something that would work well for both (or a compromise at best). I am hesitant to buy another YS90 to match my current one if it still going to be underpowered for wide work.
  16. I have been using a YS-90 Duo Auto as my primary strobe with a the smaller YS-30 as a fill light. I would like to add another YS-90 and keep the 30 as a backup. I have mostly been doing macro but I am thinking to gear up for more wide-angle as well now that I have a 10-22mm for my Canon 20D. I have read several threads here that suggest the YS90 is not that great for wide angle work (or not as good as some other strobes such as the DS-125 or Inon Z220). I know this is a touchy subject, but any advice is appreciated. Also, is the YS120 any more powerful than the YS90? I see from the specs that the beam coverage is slightly bigger and the guide numbers are the same. Are you just paying for a faster recycle time? Chris
  17. I am heading to Wakatobi in September but wanted to tack on some time in Bali (or other relatively close places). I was thinking to get on a Komodo liveaboard or maybe even heading over to Palau or Yap or Truk. I am doing UW photography obviously. Any thoughts or suggestions? Thanks. Chris
  18. Thanks for the advice. I will look into it a bit more and see what makes the most sense. I agree that flexibility is probably most important in this situation. Chris
  19. Thanks all for checking it out...to answer your last question, there is an arrow on the right side of the semitransparent bar that will make it slide up or down.
  20. Hello all: New to this site and to UW photography. Here is a shot from a recent trip to Australia (Heron Island and the outer Coral Sea). This was my first venture into UW photography and digital as well. I have a site with more images from this trip if anyone is interested.... http://mysite.verizon.net/vze29ttm/ I look forward to learning from your experiences as I get into this a bit more. I think this site is an invaluable resource. Good Diving, Chris
  21. I have an Aquatica A300 with dual bulkheads (for the Canon 300D) and a Nikonos connector to S&S TS-90 Duo Auto and a YS-30 as a slave. I was thinking of getting the "eTTL Converter" from Heinrichs Weikamp. Does anyone have experience with these and how well they work? Reliability, etc. I have no problems shooting with manual strobes but thought these would be worth a try. Any input is appreciated. Chris
  22. Does anyone have experience with using UW video lights with digital UW cameras? I know the color temps are cooler but I have seen a few references to this. It does seem to solve the whole flash TTL problem. Any articles or advise appreciated. Thanks.
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