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  1. Too big and too pricey My wife and I shot weddings with medium format gear. I know the differences and all the reasons bigger is better in film and file sizes (sometimes) but it is really nice to pack the g10, and Fix housing, 2 ys 110's, and the assorted arms into a laptop backback and carry it on. If I use a small laptop it goes in as well. I know I'll never sell anything and I do this for my own enjoyment. The limitations are from the operator and not the equipment in my case. I need to remember the same things underwater as in the church--- Fill the frame and facial expressions make the picture. There is no facial expression on a fish's tail. We chased technology for a bit and found there is no catching up so the g10 will be "it" for a while. Reasonable shutter lag, reasonably sized files. I'd trade the big files for less noise but I own it so it works. The focus is petty good but adding a focus light makes it great jim
  2. I recently purchased a G10 and the basic FIX housing. The wide angle port will be added later. It is set up with an S tray and dual ys110 strobes with a FantaSea Nano focus light on a three way ball connector. The focus light sits over the center of the lens. Jack at opticaloceansales.com sold me the tray, arms, a used ys110, the focus light and a pair of generic optical cables for a very reasonable cost and was extremely easy to work with, I received the equipment within 4 days. The housing was from Reef Camera and their assitance was great and shipping nearly matched Jack's. I was able to try it all out on the Belize Aggressor last week. I missed one dive and ended up with 27. We did the shallows at the Blue Hole. A trip down there 8 years ago was enough for me. All the gear fit into a laptop backpack along with a small laptop and was carried on the plane. When I get the wide angle something will end up in the checked bag. The Nano was enough light for night dives and I never really used the modeling lights on the 110s. It was the biggest surprise of all the new equipment. It was inexpensive and performed better than I could have hoped. I will order a spare. My wife did not like me disappearing for a second when the flashes shut down the Nano at night so I will get something small to mount on one of the arms that will stay lit but not add a hotspot to the picture The housing, camera arms and lights ended up a bit top heavy. It was not enough to be unmanageable for me but my wife felt it was too heavy. I will add some flotation before the next trip. All the pieces worked well together and Jack at Optical Ocean was great to deal with as we discussed what I would need to integrate my current single ys110 strobe into a full dual strobe set up. The housing is as nice as advertised. The controls operated quite well with one unexpected issue and optical synch cord adaptor is my only complaint. The adaptor for the optical cables has 4 holes with the matching holes set at 180 degrees to each other. To get them set properly over the flash window takes a bit of wiggling around to get both flashes lined up so that they see the light and fire. If the matching holes were at 90 degrees it would line up better. I will redrill them before the next trip. The unexpected issue was that when moving the mode dial underwater it is very easy to change the ISO. For me it is a two handed adjustment. The index finger of one hand holding the ISO still while I twist the mode dial with the other. I only changed between the two custom settings so it was not something I fiddled with too much. The quick access to the remainder of the functions with the buttons was quite easy. I had been concerned with the force necessary to move the control wheel while shooting it above water to familiarize myself with the controls but underwater it was quite manageable. The buttons all operated easily and dependably. Shutter lag was not as little as with an SLR but it blew my Oly 5060 out of the water. I only had a couple of fish tails rather than 35 to 50%. I got approximately 250 pictures per battery with forced flash on low and the camera in manual mode and the flash batteries were changed at the same time and did not appear to be ready to fail as they were charging the flash quite quickly. I did run get the red battery light on the 5th dive and shot an additional 30 shots with it flashing, I had the camera set to view the picture for 5 seconds and never ran into a problem with it not functioning because it was writing. I had it set to write RAW and JPEG to 8 gig cards and was getting 4 dives per card. Now that I am comfortable with everything I will back off on the 5 second view and plan on changing cards and batteries on everything at 4 dives All in all I am quite happy with the whole set up.
  3. I recently purchased the FIX housing, This is only my second housing and the first was an Oly so I have only touched plastic housings before this. My wife and I did extensive 35mm and medium format shooting for several years so I have used good equipment and noticed something different on this housing than even on Hassie, Contax, or Bronica medium format land products. The tripod mount is not centered on the center axis of the lens but is two 1/4 20 holes approximately 1/3 from either edge of the housing. Maybe this is normal with the better housings but isn't something I had ever seen. The off sets made fitting it on a tray with a centered mounding hole a bit challenging to get the handles mounted properly to allow for a comfortable grip and to easily reach the shutter button and to keep the symmetry that to me adds to the ease of balancing it in my hands. The holes in the housing are helicoiled which makes for a stronger set of threads than if they were just cut into the aluminum. If you have ever stripped a 1/4 20 bolt in aluminum you have an idea of how nice this really is. The actual thread strengh into the aluminum is alnost the same as a 3/8 bolt would be, so pulling out the threads with the thumbscrew should be nearly impossible. I bought an S tray from Jack at opticaloceansales.com. I trimmed a bit off the left side of the tray and then had to add an additional hole on that side of the tray for the second mounting bolt for the left arm. He also provided a new-slighty used ys110 and some relatively iniexpensive fiber and ends for the fiber. I did need an additional washer under each of the bolt heads to keep the supplied bolts from extending about half a turn through the thickness of the tray and arm assembly. I haven't had it underwater yet but have been shooting with dual ys110 strobes and a small focus light around the house, basement and yard to get used to the controls. Other than the control wheel dial being a bit stiff all the controls work well and work just as they do on the camera itself. If you are plannig on using the less expensive fiber with no ends plan on buying adapters for the connection to the housing. The adapter on the camera has the option to connect two S&S connections or something else that is about an eigth of an inch in diameter. Another call to Jack got me some Fantasea adapters that mounted to the raw fiber and allowed it them to plug into the housing's S&S adapter nicely. I had purchased the housing from Reef and was a little surprised when they had no suggestions on what to use. I can't be the only one that had this problem. It stemmed from buying my first ys110 used and using the less expensive fiber with the velcro connections on my OLY and wanting to use my current flash equipment on the new housing. There was not enough room by the flash window to use two of the fancy velcro mounts. When I mentioned needing a second ys110 Jack offered one from stock at a less expensive cost than the used one I was going to buy. Yes it is old stock but it was where I was going anyway so another thanks to Jack at Optical Oceans for quick shipping good suggestions and rasonable pricing. jim morus
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