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  1. Looking for a used gates seal check system in good condition. Please PM with info, Thanks!!
  2. looking for a used gates tripod in good condition. Please PM with info, Thanks!!
  3. Thank you all. Great samples, especially for open water. Mike, look forward to viewing your footage. Has anyone seen the camera really stressed underwater, for example a MS or CU shot of very detailed/busy coral, say brain coral, and see a moray like effect on a high end HD monitor?
  4. Would anyone know any good example of underwater footage shot with the Ex1 on the internet?? Found some on the gates website but looking for additional examples, especially low light examples. Thanks!
  5. Josh, Thanks for sharing your work flow. I can see the need for DLT tape back-ups, as hard drives can be iffy in the long run. Drew, You must be an engineer or in the post end of the business, the technical explanations are pretty in depth, sounds like some of my engineer friends here a home. For the past 3 years, been shooting with the VariCam, so pretty familair with DVCPro HD. Investigating the EX1 further, I'm reading that they seem to have the work flow worked out for the 25MB 1440 X 1080 raster setting, being just like XDCam (It can be archieved to the 23GB blue ray disk, etc., etc.). But, haven't heard a work flow situation for the 35MB 1920 X 1080 full raster setting. I wonder is it's still being worked on, and haven't read anything about NLE handling this format, Avid or FCP. Guess that still maybe in the works also. The full raster of the ex1 sounds good, seems it maybe better in low lighting and open water situations with the signal to noise ratio @ 54DB. The 4:2:0 color sampling and the long GOP are a turn off, however the add resolution is cool, and most of all, the ability to shoot 1080 24P, it's pretty impressive. The 200's pixel shifting is a turn off, and the noise in low lighting situations seem to be a common complaint. However looks pretty darn good in well lite situations as Josh's video demonstrated. Have you heard of work flow examples for the full raster setting of the ex1 ??
  6. Josh, Thanks for your thoughts & feedback. Good looking stuff on the demo. Video looks great, especially the rich colors, and my hat's off to you for steadness of the camera in shallow water surges. That can be a challeging situation. How do you handle your work flow of dumping media off P2 cards, if say you were on a liveaboard 5 days or more???? Be sure you have a couple of terebytes handy ????
  7. Was curious to know what other shooters think of the hvx200 for shooting underwater. I'm thinking about biting the bullet on a new rig, and looking for feedback from the field as to how it looks and works. Especially, how it looks in low light.. Thanks!!!!
  8. Have a D100 and looking for a housing. Would like a Aquatica housing with or without accesories & ports. Please, Pm or e-mail todd@synergy-productions.com
  9. It seems that it is the result of direct light hitting the wide angle lens. james has the right idea. the light needs to be flaged from the lens to loose the rings. can you take a picture of the front of the housing with the camera mounted in it???
  10. anders, I believe amphibico mention the HID bulbs came from a manufacture that makes them for car head lights. As far as burn time, I believe 25 watt mode is around 90 minutes. 35 watt mode i think is around 60 to 70 minutes. I would check with ampibico to get correct times. I can't say for sure what burn times are because I haven't had the batteries die on me during a dive. At the depth I'm diving, my bottom times average around 45 to 55 minutes and there is still juice left. the positives, they are pretty rock steady, fairly tough and batteries last a long time. The negative, color tempurature is inconsistant. in 25 watt mode color tempurature ranges 4600 degrees Kelvin to around 6000 degrees kelvin(much like a cars HID lights). In 35 watt mode color temp drops lower, which is a bummer. Depending on your subject, it has a pretty noticable hot spot also. If you have a chance check out gates green force lights. I played with them at DEMA. they seem pretty hardy, have a consitant color tempurature and while they do seem to have a bit of a hot spot, It's definantly softer than amphibilco's hid. Here is a link to video shot with Amphibico's HIDS http://www.synergy-productions.com/html_fi...lf_diving2.html Good Luck,
  11. Want to buy housing & ports for d100. Intersted in Aquatica & seacam housings & ports. please contact: todd@synergy-productions.com
  12. Hey James, Has sarah shown you the documentary treatment she is in about the flower gardens???? Todd Richard www.synergy-productions.com
  13. I like Hid Lighting. Have had good results with them. Here is a video that was shot using the hids. http://www.synergy-productions.com/html_fi...lf_diving2.html Todd Richard www.synergy-productions.com
  14. Have Nikonos gear for sale on ebay Item numbers 3856464515, 3856462403, 3856458583 All gear in excellent condition!!! Thanks! Todd Richard www.synergy-productions.com
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