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  1. Kicking Site! Really nice design and amazing shots. Thanx for sharing Jürgen
  2. Hi Sabine, really nice images on your website. Reminds me of my last trip to Egypt and makes me want to go again. I've actually been a second time to St. John's in the meantime, once in November and once in May. A lot more current in May and a lot more hammerheads! But they were still too far away to get a decent picture :-(. Jürgen
  3. Hi Sabine, can't wait to see your pics from Southern Egypt. Your pictures taken on the Nusa Tenggara cruise are worth some looks in the mean time! I especially love the slugs. Please notify when gallery is ready.
  4. Thanx Heiko! Some bio: I started scuba-diving back in 92 but did not take a camera with me until two years ago now. So far trips to the Red Sea (Egypt), Maldives and the Mediterranean. Pluse some "fresh water training shots" in awfully cold lakes.
  5. Hi folks, All the pictures taken are chemical whilst still dreaming of a D60 in a proper housing! Still not so sure on the wideangle side of it and the cost, of course. Gear used: Canon EOS 50 E in Subal housing 540 EZ flash in SEACAM housing Lenses: Canon 50mm macro, 2.8/100mm USM macro and 2.8/20mm USM What do you think? http://www.spiess-online.com
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