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  1. The above rig is still for sale. I'll part with it all for $1,000
  2. That isn't going to work for me. Sorry.
  3. I'd ship to Singapore but strongly prefer to deal locally so there is no confusion over what is being purchased. Plus, it's a lot of stuff to pack. Let me see if I get it sold by June 1.
  4. Sad day when nobody is interested in a fire sale. I will have to look into shipping it to a charity.
  5. Unfortunatly, no. I want to get rid of the rig and not the lenses. And I don't want to canabalize it at this time since I want it to be ready to go for anybody who wants it.
  6. Hasn't been snapped up yet. (You are the first to respond)
  7. I own a D300 and loved it for underwater shooting (just posted my housing for sale). However, topside I prefer the way the Canon cameras shoot. I find that they have better skin tones and while that may not seem important, I think people look better when I shot using my less expensive Canon than my more expensive and heavier Nikon. I am not a professional. I shoot JPG and I know very little about photography, so take this for what it is worth, which is not much, I realize. My suggestion is to buy the camera at Costco,shoot with it and if you love love love it, you now to make the switch. If you don't, stick with Nikon since you already are familiar with that camera.
  8. Back in 2008 I was bitten by the photography bug and bought a lot of gear, and dived for a few weeks with it while on vacation. The last time I went diving was my honeymoon in August of 2009, where we did a liveaboard on the Archipelago II in Indonesia. I had some amazing pictures taken and some amazing dives, but shortly thereafter, the children started being born. And that has put the kabash on the diving. Anyway, that is the back story. I have equipment that I spent a ton of money on, and which is not going to be used any time soon and I thought I would offer it up to someone who wanted to pay a fair price. It is all located in Yonkers, NY (just north of the Bronx) and I would ideally like to have some one come and cart it away (Fortunately, I have a large camera backpack that houses it all (other than the dome) which will make that a bit easier. So what do I have? From the original invoice: Ikelite Housing for Nikon D300 digital camera $1,424.95 For Tokina 10-17mm lens: Ikelite 8" Dome port w/shade $ 379.95 Ikelite Super Wide Body Extension Ring $ 117.95 For 60mm lens Ikelite SLR Flat Port, 4.125" $141.95 Strobe & arm: Ikelite Substrobe DS-125 Strobe with Diffuser $759.95 Ikelite DS-125 Battery $125.00 Ikelite Substrobe Smart Charger 1.5hr for DS-125 & DS-200 $94.95 Ultralight Base Adaptor for NEW Ikelite SLR Release Hndl. $23.95 Ultralight Ikelite DS-125, DS-50, DS-51 Adaptor $22.95 Ultralight 8" Double Ball Arm $47.95 Ultralight 5" Double Ball Arm $29.95 3 Ultralight Fisheye Clamps (15 degrees side movement) $89.95 Ikelite Digital TTL Single Sync Cord to one DS Strobe $94.95 I was not planning to sell the lenses but given how little use they get, I could be persuaded to do so. Anyway, the total package without the lenses cost me $3,372.30 as per the above. I have NO IDEA what it is worth on the secondary market, so feel free to try and take advantage of me, just know that I'm not committing to sell for dirt cheap and may consider donating it to charity and taking a tax deduction. Everything worked fine the last time I used it. I would question the longevity strobe battery at this point as it hasn't been charged in over 3 years (I used to charge it every month but I used to do a lot of things, including diving and taking pictures!) I am writing this from the office and don't have photographs but everything is more than serviceable given the light usage and if anybody is interested in a photograph of the stuff, I will break it out over a weekend and take some pictures. Ideally, you live locally, can make an offer contingent on your seeing it and satisfying yourself with the merchandise, and you can pick it up at your convenience. Less ideally, you want to pay for it all and make me box it up and ship it to you. I really don't want to do that though because I am very lazy.
  9. I sue a 16 gig card without any trouble. I guess it depends on the kind of photographer you are - if you keep the camera in continuous shoot and use it a lot, you may need bigger! In any case, since the battery lasts a good long time, I too seldom take the card out of the camera while on a dive trip. I like very much having only 1 card to import as I'm not very organized.
  10. I just returned from Komodo and was looking through my photographs...this one totally surprised me, because I was taking a picture of the purple sea squirt, and never saw the green nudibranch until it was up on my monitor. Crazy stuff. I call it the "Accidental Nudi" and have identified it as a Nembrotha Cristata based on similar photos found here on wetpixel.
  11. Eventually you will see video that lets you get a high res frame that will make poster-sized prints that outshine today's SLR cameras. That's my prediction. And, of course, it will be in 3-D. We'll still have people saying, "I only shoot with film" though.
  12. For my two cents, if I were just buying an SLR (as I did in April), and there were a suitable housing for it, I would get this over the D300. Being able to house High Def Video with an SLR is just too sweet a deal. I love my D300. I really do. But I don't think I'll ever NEED the D300, whereas I definitely miss the flexibility of taking video when there is something that is just so cool to include with motion....
  13. When I was a kid, we used to eat in a restaurant with "puffer" lamps. Inflated fish with light bulbs inside. I don't know how old I was before I started to realize how gross that was.
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