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  1. Got my Mini LED Strobe Unit from owfotograaf. And this day i got it in my new Aquatica A5Dsr UVhousing with little adaptation. I use Inon strobes and it works perfect. Thanks owfotograaf!
  2. What fileformat is the best for backup and not get corrupted files over time? After seen: Trey's Variety Hour #79: Backing up your Photos - The Latest! Physical and cloud... I found out that Eric Cheng in this movie said that after time the data get corrupted. I'm starting to get many pictures in my backup and I can't afford to lose any of them. Perhaps Eric Cheng or any other can describe how to sett up a backup system that dos not get corrupted files over time? I'm using Mac with Lightroom.
  3. I have used a Zillion's Led solution for many years now, works perfect with my Inons and 5D Mk2 in Aquatica housing . I use a normal Nikon bulkhead that I have drilled out for the Hugyfot Acrylic optical adapter.
  4. Here is some pictures of Canon 5D mk3 in a Aquatica 5D mk2 UWhousing. It won't go all the way in, need to remove one of the aperture wheels. But still missing 5mm. The new buttons on the top is not in the same place. Mark III in a 5D MkII housing I think more of the aperture wheels need to go, so the camera can get all the way in. Here is the wheel I took out. And you can see that the functions wheel is almost the same place. I think I can get the Mark III to work, but only take pictures. But until Aquatica get a new housing out. The main trigger have to be adjusted a little. Dag
  5. I can get it up to -0,5 bar(-7,5 Psi). Then I leave it about 10-20 min to see if it drops. If you leave about -0,1 bar then you can't get it apart, nice to have when you put the rig through the splash zone.
  6. Then I finished my new project. Made my self a leak tester for my Aquatica UVhousing.
  7. And the bulkhead from Aquatica has a o-ring for getting a seal and a o-ring for securing it to the UW housing. Hope that Aquatica finds a other way to secure its optical bulkheads to the UW house. This almost cost me camera and a lense.
  8. After I almost drown my camera with the optic bulkhead from Aquatica. By tilting it, making it leak. I'm been looking for a better solution to this problem. Then I learned on this site that Hugyfot has a Acrylic plug that fits in a Nikon bulkhead. Nikon bulkhead as you know it, it is attached to the UW housing with a nut, not a O-ring. After getting the wires out of the bulkhead and refitted it on my Aquatica and some fittling to get the Diode on the Acrylic plug. It works, it triggers both strobes. Now what missing is the deep water testing of the UW housing without camera. The two pictures is taken throw the Hugyfot adapter.
  9. Here is mine from 2010. I got silver place in Macro, Nordic UVphotocompetition
  10. So why is nobody/companies do this? TTL I mean. You get quicker recycle time and save battery on your camera, no need for TTL converter. Dag
  11. It was't easy to find. But I contacted Yuzo Kanda, www.UWdigitalcamera.com and he did contacted Zillion and got it for me. It is easy to make, if your a know about electric stuff. Why Aquatica don't make it is beyond me. There shouldn't be that hard to make a with full TTL to. Jean are you reading this? Dag
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