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  1. Flight updates SJU and WINAIR or LIAT, Eagle pulled out and Winair took the same stupid time slot as dictated by AEagle, making no difference whatsoever at all. LIAT departs an hour or so later so you could do it if you wanted to, go though SJU, i'd rather swim. Jet Blue or whomever to SXM and AirBVI http://www.gobvi.com - avoid SJU altogether and can be done in a day if those on the west coast of the US don't mind red eye flights, no code share with Jet Blue yet, so you have to book on their site, Out of Canada, ANU or BGA or SXM then LIAT (or air BVI) , give yourself at least 3 hours between flights in ANU or SXM, This will ensure your bags move across the tarmac either by themselves or carried in the former two. Latest update http://www.citairways.com/ This was spoken about many years ago (2004/5) as a carrier for Ross U students, I'd met one of the owners and told them that Ross would be the tip of the iceberg. If people are traveling when Ross season starts/stops, then I forsee issues with people being bumped for students whining about no seats, but im an optimist. . In anycase, we remain one of the top 25 least visited places in the world, and of course the hardest to get to in the Caribbean. But once you're here, it's worth it.... Izzy
  2. Jeff, you've some lovely work there and the opportunity to go out whenever you can from your back door. The camera you have is a very capable and good unit, don't keep thinking "one day, DSLR", its not the way to progress. Learn how to you what you have to the best of your ability and read up on technique. I used an Olympus 5050 for 6 years and still do, less frequently now, as i keep a Sealife clipped to my BC. Once you get to know your equipment you'd be amazed at the results, looking at those images you've made an admirable start.
  3. in short.... Doesn't Facebook strip metadata when you upload anyway? The Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Act is a huge piece of legislation created to improve Britain’s business sector, and most of the points in the Act are as important to photographers as the Littering from Vehicles Bill or the draft law to ban wild animals in circuses from 2015. But two thirds down the list of measures the ERRA will put into effect, it states: “For the first time orphan works will be licensed for use; these are copyrighted works for which the owner of the copyright is unknown or can’t be found. There will also be a system for extended collective licensing of copyright works.” So without watermarks or proper metadata your images could be scooped up from the web via social media networks, app sharing, Google images or websites and used by anyone for any gain if your images can’t be traced back to you. http://www.professionalphotographer.co.uk/Magazine/The-Business/Collapse-of-copyright
  4. I use 360 iso, 250th shutter, mess with EV depending on time of day, and let the camera do the rest, but i'm shooting Sperm whales which lack the colour differences.( Ike, Sigma 10-20, D90)
  5. Thanks for raising an interesting idea M. I'll give it a try one of these nights. It should be fun. Izzy
  6. A Sperm Whale resting under the boat, which is almost a mirror image above. Taken on snorkel and under permit off Dominica 2011 D90, Ike Sigma 10-18. Natural light
  7. Loftus, so that's how you do it!!! i was cleaning the sand.
  8. I didn't realize there was a spot here for self promotion... All images taken under permit. http://www.nypost.com/p/news/national/he_r...Jk5gIAoJPnAtzIP http://www.newsbeast.gr/environment/arthro...laina-fusitira/ http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/21134540/vp/42519006#42519006 (ugh) http://news.ninemsn.com.au/glanceview/1580...to-whale.glance needless to say, i'm not one for this sort of thing, but if an image can change attitudes, especially one of a supposed monster, then i'm all for it. All images were taken under permit. more at ImagesDominica.com and or on or facebook site. ciao Izzy
  9. Hi Elmer, The "fisherman" that is booked for the Nov trip and those in March was the first person to go to sea running whale watching back in 89/90, he used to run the big cats, but has since bought his own, which is why there is a reduction in size, but it is more than made up for in speed, maneuverability and the skill and experience of the crew. As usual there will be a copy of the permit on board for all to see, unlike your last time on the other vessel. no more than 6 per trip, so no crowds, all carefully managed. Izzy
  10. talk to Kay Wilson at Indigo. tell her Izzy sent you (she may charge you double!) http://www.indigodive.com
  11. John, it also depends on where you dive, not all operations in the Caribbean are equipped with Din Adapters. Similarly dive briefings have to be given in both normal and imperial.
  12. Hi Kaj, Still here, still plugging on, where are you now? find us on facebook. Images Dominica.
  13. Rilski, Wait for the photos (Images Dominica on facebook), though this is NOT an Images Dominica venture. You'll be back, I know, I have been warned.
  14. It's official As of 21st September the Melville Hall airport (DOM) on the Commonwealth of Dominica is now open and meets or exceeds all CAA/FAA and regional requirements for night landings. Sadly American Eagle refuses to bring in later flights for the time being, but LIAT is taking up slack from SJU down. We are also still working on direct flights out of Ft. Lauderdale using Continental as a carrier into there. Winair run 3 flights a day out of St Maarten, with two on weekend days. Dominica remains as most who have visited will tell you, worth the effort to visit. More news when things happen......
  15. Try looking up Heinrichs Weikamp, i used modified connectors on a housing with their inexpensive bits. They're in Europe too.
  16. I didn't know you guys were coming down, but it looks like it is working for you. Lovely images!!! regards Izzy
  17. Martin, hope to pick up two copies at LIDS. Alex, will you be around too? Izzy
  18. Cal, well done, absolute magic... jealous, me....ermm
  19. Loftus, I am not going to post any of mine, needless to say,please send me an email so I can begin dialog. Izzy
  20. I just read this....well after the fact and couldn't agree more. As a dive pro, itis a welcome thank you that makes up the salary (some of which have not changed here in 15 years). However going to work expecting a tip is not going to get you anything. You do a good job, and hopefully you will recieve a gratuity. The other side of this coin is the lovely cruise ship crowd. want everything from you and beyond, hold their hand as they have not dived in 15 years, yet expect to be able to jump in on a "certified diver dive", and stiff you on a regular basis. Yet they are told the waiter will receive $10 per person per meal per day from your table, and the room service is to expect $10 per day... do we or do we not keep you alive, show you wonders and schlep all your stuff around? The Europeans as a rule don't tip as it is supposed to be included in the price, thankfully it is now changing. When I travel I try to leave a tip every day, dependent upon service. its a little but adds up through the duration of the holiday. I know it is appreciated as I busted my behind to make it.
  21. I ave had two images win prizes in the Photo.com web showcases, both apparently went on toe get full page coverage in the annual books. sadly I was unable to go to DC to collect the prizes etc and after several emails pleading with me to come they finally stopped bugging me. It is a scam of the highest order deliberately aimed at folks who have no chance of seeing their work published anywhere else. I entered in good faith and felt totally ripped off by the end. They wanted to charge me a couple hundred dollars to send me a commemorative crystal piece etc and another X amount to buy a copy of the book. Glad to see i am not the only one
  22. Current water temp around Dominica is 26c (78f?) I am still in my 3mm. Viz is around the 18m (60ft) region. See you soon, decided who you're diving with yet? nudibranch
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