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  1. I didn't mention that I had the D100 already because I didn't want to bias anyone's opinion. I wonder whether for underwater photography many of the improvements in the D70 are purely academic. The faster flash sync speed is definitely an advantage to capture sun rays reflecting in the water, but if one is shooting all manual (shutter speed, aperature, and flash) with underwater strobes, the smaller file size and faster fps seem irrelevant. I plan on picking up a pair of Inon Z220's and I don't think that they can recycle as fast as even the D100 can shoot and write to a high speed CF. I'm sure that someone will correct me if this is not the case.
  2. Thanks everyone for your input. I actually already have a D100 which I purchased quite a long time ago before the D70 came out. Now that I was finally deciding to swith and buy the housing, I started to facilate wondering whether I should pick up a D70 before buying a housing. My brother has a D70 and aestetically it feels a little cheeper, but that may just be because it is lighter. I guess that since digital photography is still in its infancy/adolescence compared to film, we just have to accept that any digital camera/housing will be obsolete in a couple years.
  3. Wondering if any has any thought on whether they would choose a D70 or D100 if they were switching to digital from a Subal/F100. Either way, I plan to put it in another Subal housing since I already have ports, etc. Thanks for any input.
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