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  1. Hi I seem to have more of these than good shots. When night diving the problem is krill....(and shadows, and exposure, but you get the idea) Cheers Hal
  2. Hi If you are shooting RAW, then you can set "cloudy" white balance, and sort it all out in Aperture or Lightroom, however I don't think RAW file format is an option on the Finepix F50, so it is probably best to shoot WB manually. I believe that this is good practice, and it is easier eventually to get it right on the camera first, anyway. I have in the past set WB to cloudy and left the WB alone, and balanced on a slate at arms length, but currently I WB each shot. WB on a patch of reef near you subject, take the photo, review the picture. If not the correct colours, repeat with a different patch of reef. (By far the most fiddly, but best results for me - if the picture is too red, select a pink reef patch to WB on etc..) You really need to search the manual for your camera as well, in order to set a user definable button to carry out WB, so that balancing is quick to do rather than flicking through fiddly menus. Cheers Hal Check out these other White Balance threads 1 , 2 , 3
  3. HI Everyone has this thing against DEET, but boy is it preferable to malaria (speaking as someone who has had the disease). As Drew says "DEET, treated nets and prophylactics are the WHO recommended preventative measures" Ultrathon was mentioned, it looks weak at only 30% DEET, but it is the US Armys choice of repellent. The main trick here is that it comes as a lotion, applied all over like sunblock, and lasts 12hours (delayed release microcapsule or some such tosh) and is water resistant. I used this for two weeks in Roatan (No-see-ums territory) and didn't get one bite. On the last day, I was sitting around waiting for the ride to the airport and hadn't put any on (I was going home after all) and in 2 hours got bitten to pieces - so my trial of one proves Ultrathons effectiveness beyond doubt. Don't dive on Larium, about 30% of people experience sleep disturbance of one type or another, this makes your judgment under stress less than perfect. More worrying if you have an underlying borderline psychiatric disorder Larium can make it manifest (remember Obsession is a psychiatric disorder - with like dive gear etc), and underwater would be a really bad place to become clinically paranoid. As everyone says speak to the CDC / local travel clinic about what is right for you. Take the medicine AS PRESCRIBED for the DURATION PRESCRIBED (before, during and after your trip) Cheers Hal (P.S. I am a physician who used to live in Swaziland, and dive in MZB and SA)
  4. Hi Methinks that somebody is using innocent Wetpixies for data collection on a forthcoming scientific paper. Would this get through the ethics committee? Cheers Hal
  5. Hi In my opinion there is only one worth looking at for fish ID Red Sea Reef Guide - Helmut Debelius Cheers Hal
  6. Hi OK deep dark secret time - I have (to my shame) got one of these lamps. 12 years ago just after I certified, I went to Cuba diving, and there they where selling these puffer lamps. At the time I thought they were cool and bought one. Over the years I realised that actually it wasn't cool, but quite gross and environmentally scary, so now it is consigned to the back of the garage. It just shows how impressionable new divers are; my Cuban DM told me they were OK, so I bought one. We have to be very careful how we talk and act around new divers. PADI talks about 'appropriate role modeling' when training DM's, but gives little guidance as to what this really means, so our conscience must guide us. I know better now and teach accordingly Cheers Hal
  7. Hi My vote goes to Backscatter, I live in Bermuda and still they managed to get everything sorted for me. However, by now you should have got the idea, stick with one of the Wetpixel sponsors and you can't go wrong. Cheers Hal
  8. Hi When I go to my control panel to view my subscribed posts, they don't seem to be updating with the new posts. Well actually, now I look, the date of the last post changes, but the icon stays pale, not going bold to flag up the new post Any one else reported this? Cheers Hal
  9. Hi I have just emailed Mr Bozhok and asked him to explain himself and remove the video. I reckon everyone should do the same Who knows, we may get an answer/result Cheers Hal
  10. Hi This is the guy Also check out http://www.truveo.com/Moment-of-Zen-Scuba-...s/id/1414583881 I can't find the original article about "Bunny Diver" it was a PADI distinctive Specialty, advertised in Sport Diver UK about 8 years back. Cheer Hal
  11. Hi Peng62 I also dive a P+S with and Inon D2000s and switchable lenses and here is my 10cents worth. COPY THE BIG BOYS Like you I used to photograph opportunistically, one moment macro, then mid, then wide etc. It was just the flick of a switch on the camera. Then I bought the strobe and lenses; OMG the difference. The task loading was extreme - identify subject - mount lens - position strobe - WB - take photo if the critter was still around! The solution is to do as the dSLR boys do, and select your dives (macro or wide) set up your rig at the beginning of the dive by photographing yourself at arms length and then leave it alone. Minor fiddles with strobe position are all that are needed from then on, the task loading is much less. It is a totally different dive experience because you hunt for the photos that fit your set up - kind of focuses the mind a little. The advice in this thread about aiming strobes is spot on. Target lights... You said that you dive the Inon D2000s - this does NOT have a target light. (Sorry Cal, the D2000 does have one, the D2000s does not) I actually was going to buy the D2000, but switched to the D2000s plus a separately mounted focus light. My reasoning was this - the target light on the strobe points in the direction of the strobe, however the purpose of a focus light is to give the camera a light spot to focus on in dim light - so at night your camera will struggle to focus unless you have your D2000 strobe/target light pointed directly at the subject, whereas I can point the target light at the subject and the strobe off to the side Hope this rambling advice helps Cheers Hal
  12. Hi Great Halloween pictures - what fun. I am sure that if you put it together as a package you could sell "Spooky Diver" as a PADI speciality course - one class on the background of Halloween and its meaning, followed by 2 "Spooky Dives" featuring an underwater bone hunt. (Did you know that there is already a "Bunny Diver Specialty" put together for Easter, you have to dive dressed in bunny costumes, and take part in an underwater egg hunt) Cheers Hal BTW - I too like the unofficial "Wetpixie" tag
  13. Hi These are both incredibly good articles for those just starting out. All this inforamtion can be found within the pages of Wetpixel, but it is nice to see it all in one place. Cheers Hal
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