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  1. Hey Rich, Thanks for the reply. Is there anything wrong with it? No, The system looks and performs like new. Are there reasons other than school why you are selling it? No, that's the only reason. I really don't want to sell it but I'm starting Police academy here in Orlando in February and need the extra money for the time I'm not working since I'm going to school full time. I'm also selling my motorcycle. Sacrifices now will pay off later I keep telling myself =] How old is it? I've only owned the system for 3-4 months. I bought it from H20PhotoPros, so I'm not sure EXACTLY how old it is. The housing came out in 2006 so I'm assuming around 3 years. How many dives? I've only had the time to do one dive with it, which I never edited. Everything worked perfect and was easy to use. Not sure how many dives the previous owner had on it if any, but like I said in the first answer, it looks and performs perfectly. You won't be disappointed. If you have any other questions about the system, feel free to give me a call. I'll be at home all day watching football with my family. 407-923-9822 Jesse Smeresky
  2. one more shameless plug before the weekend, then to eBay she goes...
  3. If this doesn't sell this week, I'm most likely going to post it on eBay. So if your interested make me an offer. I'll consider anything reasonable.
  4. Any offers???? System is nearly 7k new. only 3 years old. Ready to go HD setup
  5. *PRICE DROP* 2300.00$ This is a steal! I need money for school!
  6. I'm selling my Light & Motion Bluefin HD HC3 system. This housing is in beautiful condition and has minimal use. This is a ready to dive package and has everything you would need to get in the water and start shooting HD footage. Included in the package: -Light & Motion Bluefin HD HC3 housing with standard port -Light & Motion external monitor -Light & Motion Mini HID lights -Sony HDR-HC3 Camcorder (comes with original box, charger, NP-FP90 battery) -Pelican travel case This system has been well taken care of. It will include a complete set of spare o-rings (housing back, handle w/spare battery, HID lights). It will include chargers for lights, monitor, and camera and a new sony HD tape. Also included will be a monitor hood and o-ring grease. I'll cover shipping. Price 2500.00$ email: jsmeresky@gmail.com
  7. Yeah, you were right...i just got this email from L&M.... Hi Jesse, What you're describing is normal. When that green light is on, that means that the pods are awake and "listening" for the IR signal from the housing. After about 20 minutes of inactivity, the pods go from "standby" to "off," and the green light will turn off. When the batteries have a full charge, the green light will blink about once per second. When they get low, the light will blink quickly, about three times per second. Regards, Blaise Douros Customer Support bdouros@lightandmotion.com 831-645-1525 x1556 Light & Motion 300 Cannery Row Monterey, CA 93940
  8. I'm actually trying to figure out if this is an issue or if it isn't. After i initially turn on my lighting system at the pod, a green light flashes and doesn't turn off. Even when i turn the lights off at the handle and turn it off at the battery pod it continues blinking. Is this suppose to happen? I would think it would drain the battery. Can't think of why it would continuously blink. The battery has a full charge and the light works perfectly. Any help would be much appreciated.
  9. I'm looking to buy a used/working nikon d70 setup, preferably with the ikelite housing. why ikelite? i've heard they have excellent customer service and they put out a solid product...i also just like how they look. ive been shooting with a nikon 4300 /w a "fantasea" housing over the past few years and i want to step up to more professional looking photo's...so if anyone has this setup for sale...send me a PM or email at jsmeresky@gmail.com jesse
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