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  1. Definately agree on the non-photographic life partner- my wife gets to carry half my stuff! One thing we have learnt is to use a backpack that doesn't look too heavy when the check in staff are thinking about weighing it. We have got away with way overweighted carry on by saying "only my backpack" when asked what carry on we have, and making it look nice and light.
  2. I was there in September and all I noticed was you could tell when the dive site was near a resort as the coral was destroyed! Other than that it was an amazing trip and I highly recommend it.
  3. Here's my favourite of the year. This was taken during a trip with my wife and a few from our local dive club to the Maldives. It's a destination I always dreamt about, so we jumped at the opportunity. I had got a 100mm macro lens for my birthday from my wife, but didn't get a chance to get it in the water before the trip. Most dives were going wide angle- with the hope of Manta's and Whale Sharks (which didn't disappoint). I like this shot because it seems so surreal, being able to clearly see it's "teeth". I have it printed 12x16 in the entrance to our unit and it looks so menacing, even though the Anemonefish is tiny!
  4. Got my copy in the post today- looks good! Looking forward to sitting down this arvo for a good read!
  5. That was with the 100mm lens. The viewfinder isn't the best but it just takes some getting used to! Live View is a waste of time and I never use it!
  6. No dramas that I have found. It has been a great unit so no complaints from me! All controls work well. I ended up going with the modular port system with the manual focus extension to be sure and get the good quality glass. First dives with the system were during a trip to the Maldives and absolutely love it! Great quality and works well in the clearer water. Here's a sample pic which is my favourite from the whole trip: http://www.redbubble.com/people/beyondsurf...nemonefish-face
  7. I've just got back from 10 days in the Maldives. We dived North Male and South Ari from MV Amphibiya. We had a few storms earlier on, but the majority of the weather was excellent. Water temp was 28-30 degrees C and vis depended a bit on the tides, but generally great. Had a few Mantas at Manta Point and got a swim with a Whale Shark in South Ari. Our dive guide had a trip in the more northern atolls before we got there and he said water temp up there was 26 deg C. I hope this helps as it's a bit hard to find out what is the best time for the Maldives. I don't think any time is a bad time when you're in a tropical paradise!!!
  8. Hi All, I was lucky enough that my wife just bought me a new Canon 100m f/2.8 EF USM lens for my birthday! Now the hard part is selecting the port setup that will allow the most flexibility for future growth. My camera is a 40D, and I am using the Ikelite housing. I'm hoping on getting into some super macro in the future, so I would want to get the right port setup now that will allow me to do this. Auto focus vs. manual focus is also another decision to make. Can I please get some advice on the above, plus what is a good way of getting into super macro with the 100mm! I also have the Canon 60mm EF-S with a standard flat port and a Tokina 10-17mm with the 8" Dome modular port system.
  9. This is one of my more memorable favourites. I finally got my SLR underwater at the start of the year, so have been getting used to using it underwater. This pic was taken on a dive when using my macro lens for portraits finally sunk in! Luckily I had a very patient Western Blue Devil as a model!
  10. I will be flying out for Bali this time next week. A group of us from the local dive shop are heading to Tulamben for a few days, so really looking forward to it! We are staying at Tauch Terminal and have 6 nights there, then a boat trip to Nusa Penida on the way back to Kuta before a couple of days there to relax before heading home. This is my first time top Bali and also my first tropical water dive trip, so looking forward to water temps over 20 deg c!
  11. I've found most of our Weedy's in Albany WA to be the greener variety, however I have found an orange variation as well. The green one is the most likely you will encounter.
  12. I just got my new Ikelite housing for the same system last week- 40D and new Port and Dome. The dome will rotate a little way back to align the dome shade, but the locking device stops it from rotating further and coming off. Had it in the water yesterday for the first time for two dives on the HMAS Perth and all is good! Just give it a test without the camera to make sure it's all good and keep your mind at ease.
  13. I've just bought myself a 40D and will be getting an Ikelite system soon- just waiting for the new DS-160's to come out. I'm a bit stuck on what to do with strobe arms. I already have two 8" ULCS arms with my current setup, so at this stage am thinking about getting two more and adding stix floats. Anyone comment about adding buoyancy to the Ikelite system as far as how much would be needed?
  14. Here's my baby, Rosie. She's a Weiro. She has been hand reared since she hatched. My wife and I bought her when she was 6 weeks old. She loves to sit on your shoulder and talks a lot, although her favourite is to wolf whistle! She would be 9 months old now.
  15. Very nice photo's. The Seadragons are always great to photograph- especially the Leafies. There are a couple of known Leafys in Albany, but are still quite rare. There are more reports of sightings though, which shows good signs. The best place over here to spot them is Bremer Bay. The warmer months sees them come out in a number of spots. The nudibranch you photographed is in huge numbers under our town jetty, but not quite as bright as that.
  16. We do have some pretty good stuff down south! Still gotta compare it to the north yet. Only been as far as the Abrolhos, which was quite good. We are quite lucky that we live in a great area of the world where there is so many great places to visit!
  17. Hi all, I'm using the same lenses with a Canon IXUS 500 at the moment. The UWL-105 is the andle of view- 105 degrees. The UCL-165 is the magnification- 1.6x magnification. I'm also stacking two UCL-165's to do 3.2x magnification. It works really well, but you have to get really close and lighting can be a bit difficult. With a bit of practice, you can get some really good super macro shots.
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