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  1. Looking for resort recommendations for the above locations. Thanks in Advance, Jamie
  2. While I like the video, the first Don't I will pass along is Don't take any type of camera underwater until you become a competent diver with your buoyancy totally under control. As a new diver you don't need a camera to think about.
  3. I know, who am I kidding. Taking camera's underwater and saving coin. lol I agree Elmer is jinxed ;-)
  4. Need this sold, camera and housing upgrade is imminent. Housing has 30 more dives after overhaul and service at Reef Photo. Camera body is sold. $1200 USD will ship at buyers expense.
  5. Thanks guys. I was trying to save some coin but probably knew the answer before I posted. Thanks for your time. Two new bodies it is.
  6. I am about to upgrade my system to the D500 and have always travelled with a back up camera body. Just wondering with the new vacuum systems to help prevent against the dreaded f word and the price of a second D500 body how many others travel with a back up. Thanks in advance Jamie
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