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  1. Buyer I nicely held for for 3 weeks has now said no. So, this is all available again.
  2. Brand New in 2018, used with D850 Nauticam housing. Used on two trips, approx. 40 dives. Perfect condition and includes Cinebags dome port case. $1500 USD + shipping negotiable with in reason and motivated to sell. jmorphy[@]Mac.com for fastest response.
  3. Nauticam D850 housing with ttl flash converter and extra manual flash converter, and vacuum valve system. $3200 USD. + shipping Housing purchased April 2018, and used on 3 trips, approx. 60 dives, minor scuffs on bottom of housing, otherwise no issues. Nauticam N 120 Macro Port 60 (New in Apr. 2018, only used recently in Bonaire for 2 weeks.). $300 USD + shipping Nauticam N120 Ext. Ring 30 with lock to add to Macro 60 port for Nikon 105mm macro. $175 USD + shipping Nauticam 105mm focus gear. $100 USD + shipping Nauticam 180 Straight Viewfinder (purchased 2009) a little faded but works perfectly. $500 USD + Shipping Nauticam N120 90mm ext. ring with lock for Nikon 16-35 when used with Zenn 230mm dome port. (new 2018) $300 USD + shipping Nauticam 16-35 zoom gear for Nikon 16-35. $100 USD + shipping Nauticam 20mm ext ring with lock $200 USD + shipping I also have 230mm Zenn Dome for sale in another post. I am negotiable with in reason and motivated to sell. jmorphy[@]Mac.com for quicker response
  4. Thinking about selling, anyone looking contact me at jmorphy[at]mac.com or via pm here on wetpixel. Thanks, Jamie
  5. Thanks for everyone's input. Flying to Bonaire Wednesday and given all the info I think we will be fine. Thanks again, Jamie
  6. So, are you suggesting we have to carry on the GoPro's and lights as well. She only wants to carry on the batteries so we don't have to carry it around the airport. I know none of it is that heavy, but still a pain.
  7. Great, that makes me feel better. Thanks so much for your time. Jamie
  8. Ok, will tape over all contacts. I am more worried about the number of batteries. My wife shoots video with 2 GoPro's and two Fix Neo 3000's Video lights all of which go in checked luggage. However, she will carry on all her batteries, 8 GoPro batteries and 6 video light batteries.
  9. I have checked the AA Web site but would like some back up clarification. To be safe and not have any check luggage held back I should just carry all lithium ion batteries in my carry on? Thanks, Jamie
  10. I do not feel that the Nikon Mirrorless line is quite there yet. Waiting for it to mature would also be an option. Thanks.
  11. Thanks Phil, I have read your review, great job. I look forward to the A7riv review as well. As much as I would love to have that camera, I just don't see it being that much smaller than a D850, itself or housing wise.
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