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  1. Thanks a lot jlyle, but I don't think it is. I forgot to tell you, this is a really tiny fish, about 1 and a half inch. Maybe a blenny of some kind ?? Im clueless... thanks felipe
  2. Hello ! Can anybody help me identifying this fish ? A magazine wants to publish a picture (not this one) but I need to give them all the info. It was taken in the Pacific Ocean, off the coast of Ecuador. Thanks a lot for your help ! F
  3. Hey guys ! Again, thanks for your help! Here is a link with some of the pictures I took. It is a very big brand here in Ecuador, and the pictures (12 in total) are in giant billboards all over the country, so I am kind of proud of my first "fashion" job. Please, send your comments and critiques !! I want to improve for next time...(although, I think I will keep photographing animals a lot more). Thank you, Felipe http://www.pinto.com.ec/pintopal/index.jsp#
  4. Thanks a lot guys !! I finally did the photoshoot and it went OK. As you told me, it wasn't perfect the first time...but the client is happy with the results. I will let you see the pictures that they choose so you can help me improve for next time. Again, thank you, I was close to running away and disappeariing for some time so I didn't have to explain to them that I didn't have a clue of what I was going to do. Really, the internet is amazing. And people in this forums are really cool guys and girls. Thanks a lot. Felipe
  5. Thanks everyone !! Believe me, if I could I would share my fees with you guys to do the job together, but I am far away, in Ecuador. Apparently, there is no expert around here to do this job, that is why they hired me !! So that piece of advice cannot be followed. OK. so I will shoot RAW, I will keep it simple in terms of lighting, I would experiment a lot...etc.etc. Fortunately, since for the company this is also a first, they want to do a "practice session", so tomorrow we are going with the models to do this session, just to experiment...so I am really relieved that for the actual shooting on monday I will at least have done something prior to it. So, thanks again for your advice, I printed your replies and am taking them with me. I will let you know my questions after this practice (maybe even place some sample pictures for you to critique?) Thanks a lot and I will let you know how it went, Felipe
  6. Hello and thanks to both "YES"s. Some fast and probably very basic questions. What ISO do you normally use ? (it is going to be during the day in a roofed pool). I have one Ikelite DS125 and one DS50 strobes. Do you have a "normal" aperture/speed combination ? A sample aperture/speed for pictures that go all black in the background (like I saw in your site, James). I saw you use a tripod for those over/under pictures...would you recomend that to me? Should I illuminate from above the pool ? or is it enough with my on-camera strobes? I have a 17-40mm and a 100mm macro. I am planning on using the WA, but could the 100mm. be good for face portraits ? Well, as you can see, I am really beginning with this, so anything you say is going to be useful to me. Thanks a lot for any tips...I have until saturday to learn as much as I can. thank you again, Felipe Canon 5D/Ikelite housing.
  7. At the beginning, my CF card was the limiting factor, then I bought a 4GB and started shooting like crazy, sometimes 400 shots in one dive. Then I realized that I was spending way too much time deleting bad shots in my computer, so now I try to think the pictures...take the pictures as if I was using a roll of film, as if it wasn't unlimited... I am happier this way...my pictures are turning better (I think) because I pay more attention to them. Now maybe my average is around 50-60 per dive. (well, not in the last trip to Wolf and Darwin...way too many sharks)
  8. Hello, I have just been hired to do a shoot for a fashion brand. They want to do their summer line catalog underwater. Is there someone out there that has done this and could give me some tips ?? thanks a lot ! felipe
  9. a question: If I have an ikelite DS50 and plan on getting a ds-125, can I use both together ? do I have to buy one of those dual sync cords from ikelite...is that it ?? thank you
  10. Hi all ! I have the 5D. I am buying the Ikelite housing, I really like Ikelite from my past experiences. Questions: I bought the Canon 17-40L and the 100mm macro. What ports/domes/diopters/extensions, etc. do I need to buy for this lenses ? First time with a SLR underwater so I have no idea about ports and stuff. (it was really simple with my G5 !!) thank you all very much.
  11. I am getting the Ikelite 5D housing. I have had expierence with my G5 housing and my video housing for my sony HD camcorder, and am very happy with them. They are not perfect, but I think they work very well, are very simple, and the customer service is great.
  12. thank you both for the answers ! the price IS relevant, so I will be getting just this two for now !!
  13. Hello guys ! thanks UWPhotoNewbie for the advice about the importance of the lenses. I am getting the Canon 5D, and have to decide which lenses to get. For now, it's going to be two, one WA and one Macro. Any recomendations, if you could only get two ?? Do not know when I will be able to afford more lenses... By the way, I am buying the Ikelite housing...I've had very good experiences with Ikelite, for photo and video. thanks !!
  14. do you still have this rig for sale ??? don´t find it in eBay......
  15. I may be a little late for your decission,but still this may be helpfull for others. I have a Canon G5 and Ikelite housing, and I am very happy with both. Everything works O.K. and never gives a problem. Never had a condensation problem. I dive in Galapagos and Machalilla, in Ecuador, water between 16C and 24 C, I don´t know in colder waters. Both products highly recomended.
  16. I just wanted to thank ikelite for their service.... had a problem with my DS50 strobe, sent it to them and told them i was in a rush because i was traveling soon...they repaired it and sent it back the next day.. thank you... i really recomend ikelite !
  17. i may be interested ! can you send me a couple of pictures....and the price you are asking ?? fvallejo@uio.satnet.net slow connection, please low resolution......
  18. Any recomendations for a macro lens for my Ikelite 6143 and Canon G5 rig? thank you all......
  19. I am about to buy a wide angle converter for my G5-Ikelite rig. PLEASE help me with any advice or coments. Which do you think is best ? the INON UWL-100, the Epoque DCL-20, or the Sea & Sea 58070 ??? the three fit my housing, but I have no idea of the quality of each....... thank you for any help.
  20. Hello: does any body know if any of the wide angles available fo the G5 Canon (INON, Sea &Sea, Epoque) can also work for above water use, without the housing ?? thank you all....
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