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  1. I have two INON LE-550W lights and INON's dual light holder that mounts under my D2000 strobe. With the diffusers a very wide even beam, and I can adjust the brightness somewhat by using one or two lights. Not as wide as my INON UFL-165AD lens though. I am thinking of mounting them with a slightly divergent beam (the holder allows some adjustment of exact aiming when mounting the lights, but not easily adjusted when underwater) to get a wider beam laterally for use with the WA lens. Not sure if that will give me too much of a hot spot where the beams overlap in the middle. I will try this out on my next rip in November to Little Cayman. Bloody Bay wall should give me lots of opportunity to work on WA techniques. Often just use the lights, instead of the strobe. If you don't leave them on al the time you can easily get two dives on one charge of Eneloop batteries. They are rather long, but incredibly well made. And, NO, they do NOT turn off when strobe fires, nor do any of the other INON LED lights, to the best of my knowledge. But then I can use either my Fisheye Nano or just the built in focus light on the D2000 if I want that. But they do make a rather nice little video light for when I use my Canon S90 as a video rather than still camera.
  2. another possibility, depending on how many are going, is to rent Sunshine Curacao - I think you get the whole upstairs apartment for about $200/night. Easy walk to Ocean Encounters West for diving, or go out with Sunshine's husband (David?) who loves to dive any time. Lovely apartment over their little cafe/pizza place. Quiet and peaceful as long as dinner guests aren't too noisy. Stayed there by myself for 1 week in Dec. 2008 and loved it. John
  3. Does anyone know of a way to adapt an Inon UWL-100 67mm thread wide lens to an AD mount base? I hate to have to buy another $300+ lens thanks John
  4. I recently returned for a week of diving near Dumaguete. I stayed at El Dorado Resort in Dauin. Great macro diving - lots of way weird creatures - flamboyant cuttlefish, ghost pipefish, nudibrancs - maybe 2 dozen, frogfish every dive in all colors, ribbon eels, turtles. Altogether too much fun. El Dorado was nice - not quite as pretty as Atlantis or Pura Vida nearby, but my nice room with a/c and tv was $29.00US per night, including breakfast, recently remodeled. food was relatively interesting and diverse and inexpensive for a resort - quite a bit less expensive than Atlantis. Diving was wonderful and FREE NITROX was a bargain! I think I spent about $1000US for airfare from Manila to Dumaguete, my room and meals and diving - 18 dives in 6 days. Fly Air Philippines instead of Cebu Pacific - show them international boarding pass and dive certification card and all your heavy dive gear flies free of extra weight charges.
  5. Hello A few months back I found a review of a number of focus lights but I cannot find it again. I did find one from digideep, but that was not it. I remember it had Fantasea Nano and 44led and Sea&Sea lx-15 and some others Can anyone help me find it again?thanks John
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