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  1. Hi Driftin


    I have one in good condition that has not been used since I went to SLR in 2004... Make me an offer...


    PM Sent



    i don't know if you are open to other brands but I have found an Ikelite WA on eBay # 120409065249


    Best regards

    Thanks but I need a 67mm threaded one and I'm a bit partial to the Inon ones but getting desperate.

  2. Just back from Bonaire. Sorry, no froggies. :drink: First time with a strobe. G9, Ike housing, DS-125. No post processing, only cropped in PSE. Thoughts?


    Fireworm f/7.1 1/60 sec



    French Angelfish f/8 1/125 sec



    Anemone Shrimp f/5.6 1/60 sec


  3. To whom it may concern,


    I am the proud new owner of the sister (as they're one serial number apart) strobe Phil is offering. I'm can vouch for the quality of the sister strobe and that any potential suiters feel confident in Phil's description and rare use of the strobe being offered. It's truly a great deal and Phil is a pleasure to work with.


    Phil: Thanks again and good luck with this other strobe. Perhaps if you still have it in a few weeks, I may be able to reunite the sisters once again. :D

  4. It is this charger that I have, it's the smart charger. I have no clue when is the production date, there is no date on any of the Ikelite products I have. I know when I bought them only.



    Don't have any picture on the charger, if you want I can uploade some. These are the 2 DS-125 I am selling.




    I think shipping to TX should be between $20~$30.





    Sounds good. I just wanted to clarify the difference between the 2 chargers. How would you rate the life/quality/usage of the batteries? I thought the strobes were stamped with a production date... no? If not, I can figure it out based on the serial number if you can provide it?


    I guess because I'm a new user to this forum I cannot send you a PM to discuss this in private. If you'd rather, you can email me at jcratledge@comcast.net.




  5. DS-125, ulcs ball attachment to the DS125, NiMH battery, extra NiMH battery. quick charger - $525.


    I'm interested in the DS-125. Do you have any pictures of it? I'm a bit confused about the charger that is included? It was my understanding that the quick charger didn't work on the NiMH batteries. Is it the quick charger or smart charger that is included? What is the production date? How much to ship to 77346? Any ground service would be fine as I'm in no hurry for it.



    Josh in Houston

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