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  1. Hi Everyone Sorry the system is sold.
  2. Hi Guys I've seem to have sorted the problem out,some settings was out on the other mac which we were using,however i have another problem now. Anybody familiar with Cyberduck,well i've sent through the file on FTP,114megs.When sending the file,it says upload complete but at the same time a window pops up saying upload failed.When i checked on the clients server,i see the whole file there at 114 megs,however the client says only half the file can be seen.Does anyone know what the problem is?
  3. I shot an insert on DV Cam pal (H.264),done the editing in FCP,The exported from the timeline into a Quicktime MOV onto the desktop.I opened Mpeg Streamclip,dragged and dropped in the sequence onto mpeg streamclip,went to file,pressed export to mpeg4,set the quality on 100%, and frame size at 768 X 576 (4x3) and created an mpeg4,the video quality does'nt look like it can be broadcast.
  4. Hi all I need some help,I need to ftp a clip to a client.Usually I would send a MOV file however they can only receive MP4 Files.So I dropped the mov into mpeg streamclip and made a mpeg4. The quality is better after it goes into mpeg streamclip but not good enough for broadcast,the picture is abit flakey From what I know,mpeg4 is a quality that is more suited for the web. So,how do I make a mov file into an mpeg4 without losing quality,is it even possible Thanks
  5. Hi all After just completing a project for which this system was bought i have decided to put it up for sale,everything is in excellent condition with a recent service and some stuff are brand new and unused,never bought in water yet as i have never had the time to use it. Reason im selling is to pursue another project which costs money.I have the slips and boxes of the purchase.This is a complete turn key proffesional underwater system for a photographer or HD videographer,you will need nothing else,the system is whole and complete.The whole kit includes: Canon EOS 7D (excellent condition,like new) Nauticam NA 7D housing (first version with 4 ball joint mounts for strobes and lights) 4.33" acrylic mini dome port Nauticam zoom gear for Tokina 10-17mm lens Extension ring 20 with lock Macro port 60 ( brand new and unused for Canon 60mm macro lens) Nauticam focus gear for Canon 60mm macro (brand new and unused) Tokina 10-17mm fisheye lens Nauticam lanyard 16 gig compact flash high speed card 2 x Nauticam fibre optic cables for TTL (brand new) 2 x Inon Z220s strobes 2 x Inon clamps ( brand new) 2 x ULCS clamps (brand new) 2 x ULCS 8" arms (brand new) Pelican 1510 hard case with internal dividers,wheels and pullout handle Lots of extra o rings,accessories,tool kits etc $6500 for the whole system,save over $4000 Located in South Africa,can ship worldwide.Buyer pays shipping costs.Payment through Paypal.Looking to sell this as a complete set. PM me if you need any details.
  6. Hi all I need to send an insert to a client.I need a quick simple step by step of how to ftp the insert using final cut pro. Once I cut the piece,how do I export from the timeline using filezilla. Step by step with standard definition settings please Thanks in advance Travy
  7. Just returned from Umkomaas 2 days ago,did'nt see the fish but saw lots of raggies
  8. I've just come back from the airport where i picked up my Nauticam NA 7D housing,macro port and minidome,finally can take the 7D underwater and stop making the rental companies rich. Im headed to Umkomaas in December,i'll have look out for it. If,it's still there of course!!
  9. You are making me excited Craig,im taking delivery of my Nauticam NA 7D housing which has just arrived,right now she sits in airport customs waiting for clearance.I will be using Inon Z220 strobes fired fibre optically,so i should have TTL. However,im not really a stills guy,im going to be shooting video,so i will be adding some video lights,hopefully soon
  10. I have for sale 2 Sea & Sea 5 pin sync cords for strobes. They are in excellent condition and look like they havent been used,in fact i bought it from a member and have'nt used it,going to go fibre optic. I see they cost around 85 Euros each,any good offers can take them.Looking around the 100 euro mark for 2,can ship anywhere Sea & Sea 5-pin Sync Cord / N - Prod no N07630 & N15742 - Electrical sync cord - Nikonos type blukhead to Sea & Sea type bulkhead - Works with Sea & Sea and Inon strobes with electrical connections - Works with almost all housings with electrical connections PM if you have interest.cheers
  11. Looking to buy a Canon 7D housing urgently,its for a project coming up.Please contact me asap if you can help thx
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