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  1. One more from Lembeh (trying to create a photobook, but want to do it without too many mistakes) All shot in Lembeh I think it is the Estuarine Stonefish (Synanceia horrida), or is it just an "ordinary Spiny Devilfish)? What do you think?
  2. Hi All, All in Lembeh, the fish I think is a dragonet, but not sure. The flatfish not sure if its a flounder or sole? Oh and don't have a coral book yet, but would like to know the name of these corals Thanks 1: 2: 3: 4: 5:
  3. Thanks for the Blenny replies! I'll post an image of the moray (genie) out of the bottle later tonigth.
  4. Looking forward to see if someone has the answers. Thinking about buying exactly that for my trip to Wakatobi.
  5. Hi all, Found this Blenny? Hiding in a bottle in Lembeh at around 5-10meters. Any idea? The ohter one found hiding in a bottle (Moray, but which one)
  6. Hi All, Trying to narrow down my options for July this year as last minute holiday possibility came up. Unfortunately I only have a full week. So some of the lob are not possible. I'll be traveling alone and want to go to either Alor, Wakatobi or Kri Eco. I'm having a hard time deciding especially cause I'm not so sure about the weather conditions at these places. I don't mind a rough sea, but when I go to one of these I want to be sure to be able to dive all good sites. (thats the reason why I skipped Komodo, no LoB are running and if they run they won't go to horse shoe. I'm looking for some bigger stuff, but I also enjoy the macro and muck. In the last years I've been to Sipadan, Lembeh (3*), Bunaken (2*), PNG and Thailand all very nice, but I want to try something new again. Wakatobi and Kri are "famous" for their housereef, but I'm not so sure if the big stuff will be arround. Alor is more of the beaten track and at this moment appeals the most. For Alor I found two operators, but I'm not sure about their knowledge so I would love to hear some experiences for both eco dive resort in alor archipelago, indonesia. and divealor.com. The good thing about the first is that they have their own resort, housereef and unlimmited diving. The other is as far as I can tell more established but doesn't have a resort / housereef. PS, I'm living in Singapore, so travel time is relative, furhtermore with a week I mean Friday to Sunday. Help is appreciated
  7. SOLD to Steve! Thanks for doing business Steve, your package is on its way!
  8. Steve, Gang, Both housing and camera are still available. Prefer to sell as bundle and as stated above price is based on the housing, so for housing only it will be 500 USD as bundle 540 exl Shipping. Gang, I'll send u a text later today. Cheers, Rusty
  9. I have the Seatool housing for my Canon 40D, I love the size and the way it performs, but I just got back from a trip to PNG and half way the trip my zoom gear started to slip. The part in the housing, not on the lens. I wasn't able to fix this with the limited tools (and knowledge), so I had to use my lenses as a prime lens for the remainder of the trip. One other thing, the housing control for the rear command dial takes a lot of turning to make much adjustment in aperture value -- this proved fairly frustrating and is something I will ask to have checked out. Here you can find a thread from somebody who just did 60dives with the housing: 60 dives later The zoomgear problem is described here by a fellow diver as well. Zoom gear problem Nevertheless I'm very happy with the housing, but I have to find a sollution for these issues.
  10. Due to upgrade to DSLR I'm selling my Ikelite housing # 6140.03 which fits both the Canon S2 IS and the S3 IS. Ikelite housing # 6140.03 Housing comes in original box and with spare "O" rings, manual etc. Ikelite Housing Canon S3 IS and S2 IS Unfortunately I don't have the camera box anymore, but the camera will come with a 4gb SD card and all software etc. the camera has all manual setting and I used it with the Inon Z-240 strobe optically fired. For a review of the camera please see: DP Review S3 IS Bundle price is USD 650,- (ex shipping from Singapore). Bundle price is based on Housing cost and basically I'm throwing in the camera for free PM me for questions or photo's taken with this set up.
  11. I just came back tonight from a two day trip in preparation for my PNG trip in August. It was the first time my new Canon 40D in a Seatool housing got wet... I've tried 2 lenses this trip, the above mentioned and beloved Tokina 10-17 FE which is great for WA shots and the other lens I use which is not mentioned is the Sigma 17-70mm Macro and I must say that I was pleasantly suprised by it. It makes good (but not as good as a dedicated macro lens) macro shots and very good fish portrets. I think this is a great scouting lens if you don't know what to expect (turtles or nudies) from a dive. I'm also looking for a good way to transport my rig and currently looking at the stormcase (simmilar to a pelican only better reviews). Let us know what you decided and why. Have fun on your trip!
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