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  1. When I disconnected the battery, I saw that part of the O-ring was up and towards the center, with some grooves, and I think that's why the clamp was not proper.
  2. I recently took a practically brand new DS-125 on a dive and did not realize that the O-ring was pinched between the battery and the strobe. I was down for 45 mins and noticed black (appeared black) liquid coming from it. The strobe obviously wasn't firing correctly, I think only twice. I cleaned as much as I could during my surface interval, and dried it, then took it back down. It actually worked correctly the entire time. The only weird thing was the Ready Light stayed on when it was switched to the OFF position. Now, a couple days later, after cleaning all the corrosion off the connections (with lighter fluid), and recharging the battery (it was completely dead) I reattached the battery and there was no response in any of the switches positions. No Ready Light, No charging sound, No Model Light. Has any one else had this problem? Can I fix this myself? Is the strobe completely ruined beyond repair? Will Ikelite repair strobes? If so, any idea how much it costs? Thanks everyone for your time and thoughts. Tim
  3. Thanks for all the input and help. From what I've read, it feels like Ike would be the better housing for me to go with, being a beginner, I really like the comfort of knowing that they have good customer service. Steve, I've been trying to get my hands on any type of housing, but it's somewhat difficult. I tour for a living, so I'm constantly traveling. Although, I'm in Vegas for half the year, on and off. Does anyone know anywhere out there that would have housings? Wolfgang, you were not negative at all, and I appreciate your advice. Couldn't agree more. I'm just trying to get through all of the research and learning process now, while I'm saving and acquiring all of my dive skills. One more thing, sorry. In regards to having TTL built in by Ike being a plus. On S&S, is it just outside of the housing, and do you have to pay for it in addition to the cost of the housing? Many thanks to all, this forum is amazing. Tim
  4. Hi All, I am completely new to u/w photography, and diving for that matter. I have just recently become scuba certified, and love it, but you all know the feeling. I have been doing research for months now, and am torn on which way to go, as far as gear is concerned. From what I've read, most people that have either Sea & Sea, or Ikelite housing, are quite happy with them. I mean, obviously most of it depends on personal preference, however, I haven't seen many people that post here, listing Ikelite as part of their gear (not the housing anyways). I have read great reviews on Ikelite's DS-125 strobes, for all around macro and w/a. I was also told by a scuba instructor that Sea & Sea strobes are what I should go with, YS-250Pros. I think that I am leaning towards the Ikelite strobes, but a S&S housing (MDX-40D, I am going to buy a Canon 40D, I currently have 400D). Is this a mistake? I also am clueless to using strobes made by a different company than the housing. Is it better to go with all the same company? Or is it easier? I understand that Ikelite is the cheaper or the two, but I'm more concerned with long-term performance. Thank you all for your time. I'm sure that somewhere these questions have all already been answered, I have been browsing through the website, it's just such a huge resource, it's hard to cover it all. If anyone has any suggestions. I would prefer to have most of my functions/buttons accessible on the camera. And is it a plus to have Ikelite, since it is clear, for seeing if there are any leaks? (I have seen moisture control alarms around, don't know much about it, or if visibility inside the housing even matters when you have an alarm?) Once again, thank you all for your time. Tim
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