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  1. HEY... I'm not a "fella"!!! LOL!!! Girls dive, too!!!!
  2. I am hating everyone on this trip LOL!! I did the "tourist" thing with a day boat to the same area on July 20th - seas were too rough to enjoy the trip, thrown from bench to floor more than once so I just stayed on the floor. Whale Sharks were just as amazing as you experienced, but my day was cut short since everyone on the boat (except me) was seasick - I think I got 5 times with the whale sharks, which was amazing, but annoying since I wanted the entire day. Too many whale sharks to count, too many boats to count and not one manta in sight. Maybe next time.....
  3. Anyone have experience with this? I've heard good things (no feedings) about this, but haven't found someone who has done it themselves - it's always "a friend" who went. Looking for feedback on whether it's worth the trip on the ferry dragging gear from Cozumel. Kim
  4. Diving in Canada - Atlantic mostly!! Wet suits - Bare Progressive Stretch (3mm, 7mm 2pc) - would buy again - great suits, easy to don, keeps you warm because it hugs you with the extra stretch. Dry suits - Abyss (Canadian made) Compressed neoprene suit (7mm compressed to 4mm) - lasted for 300 dives and then the zipper went bad. Happy with the suit, but now that I have a shell suit I'm not going back to neoprene. Dry suit - Otter (UK made) Britannic front entry - love the latex seals, love the front entry, love the cargo pockets that are standard (no extra cost), love the sock boots!! Would buy another in an instant!!
  5. Bifocal lenses??? That's the path I took a couple of years ago and I'm very happy with it!! GetWetStore.com has masks that you can get with full lens prescription OR bifocal lenses!!
  6. Definitely not the FIRST time - I actually have 2 sets of friends who tied the knot underwater!! The bravest did it in the Bay of Fundy (think COLD water - 40F) while the guests floated over top in a boat with video link. The more intelligent couple married in the pool of the dive shop they both worked for - complete with full face masks and comm systems.
  7. Or maybe you could switch to a service such as cafepress.com which prints on demand. I don't know what it would do to the bottom line, but everyone could order the size/style they wanted - even different colors!!! From normal short sleeved tshirts to long sleeved to hooded sweatshirts and bumper stickers!! Just a thought
  8. For the girls, too!! Most women's small and medium t-shirts would likely fit a 6 year old child, so could you order in some Large and XL as well??
  9. The batteries I've had the best results with are cheapies from Walmart!! You can get 4 AA digital Concepts for about $7. $16 includes a 1hr charger!! I usually dive in cold water (eastern Canada) and the batteries will last 2 dives and then still have a bit of life in them. I've tried Energizer, Duracell and Panasonic as well and they've all died on the 2nd dive.
  10. Quiznos in Canada does not use the Sponge Monkeys but now, thanks to mandarinfish, I'm obsessed with them. Hover Bacon ROCKS!!! Thanks for the laugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. When I had a new kitten in the house (he's now 3 1/2), I was amused to find him curled up inside my ikelite housing - maybe all the little pegs and knobs were provided an acupressure treatment? It was cute, he didn't knaw on anything and his fur wasn't shedding at that point. Batteries were dead or I would have a cute photo, too!! You gotta love cats!!
  12. I just switched from compressed neoprene to membrane and wouldn't look back. I always felt constricted (yet warm) in the neoprene suit, unable to move my arms as I wished - and it was a custom fit. The membrane suit is excellent for mobility, and I bought 4th element undersuit to keep me more than toasty in the cold Atlantic waters.
  13. I will agree with the Puerto Aventuras comment - I stayed at the resort that used to be Oasis a few years back and the snorkeling was great. For Cozumel, Hotel Cozumel also has a small reef off their dock - maybe 15ft deep - not extremely exciting, but you could use it to tune up the camera if you wanted to. Scuba Club Cozumel is right next door to Hotel Cozumel, and I snorkeled a good portion of the coast in that area last spring - it's all about the same.
  14. I've also had great service from Ikelite, but with regards to getting it back over the border, Canada Customs is not too helpful. Despite Ikelite correctly labelling packages as being repaired only, not purchased, I get charged duty and taxes every time and it takes up to 6 weeks to get the refund!!
  15. Agreed - and your attitude would likely make me want to sue your butt off, Divemaster!!
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