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  1. i can recommend Philip Andrews, http://web.mac.com/philip_andrews/Philip_Andrews/Home.html , worth googling his name as well for other publications. Have you tried the free podcasts for PS? Plenty on the web from very basic up to advanced, have itunes loaded and either search via the itunes shop or google and subscribe from there.


    Let us know what websites you find most helpful, it is a question that is often asked. Peter

  2. Sorry been away for a while and have just come across this thread. Not so long ago there was a telephone number tourists could ring at Police Head Quarters for such instances, especially the traffic fleeces, happened to me, made the call and the officer at the other end asked to speak with the traffic cop, after a few seconds no more problems.


    I'll do my best to dig the number and get it posted. Be interesting if it still works.



  3. Oh my, lots to do, without knowing where you are staying, first night Jimbaran Beach for the fish restaurants, too many to choose from, Roma's always a good bet, it's about halfway along the beach, you can't miss them as they have very high Alang Alang roofs, get there by 5:30pm, for a few sundowners and get eating, good evening atmosphere as most of the beach restaurants have strolling bands which are a real hoot. If you have seen Air America at Gino's you'll know what I mean.


    Next day get out into the countryside, my suggestion would be around Jatiluwih, absolutely stunning scenery and a very good Cafe there where you can stop for a break and look out over the terraced rice paddies. Ubud is easy to get from there so that could be your next stop, too much to see and do really, food, spa's, bars, dancing, music etc. Classic places are the Lotus and Murni's.


    Second and last evening, try Seminyak, like KuDeTa, Zanzibar, etc, great bars right on the beach to watch the sun go down and good restaurants to eat. you could also try Made's Warung 1 or 2, number 1 is at Bemo corner, while number 2 is great for some people watching.


    The most important rule with Bali, is be ready to change your plans at a moments notice, as you travel around there is a good chance to come across a family/village ceremony which you really should stop and be part of also when out in the countryside, be prepared to go in another direction if it looks interesting.


    If you like a good empty beach for surfing, try Dreamland on the Bukit Peninsula. If your after a cheap stay try Mick's Place.

  4. As for waiting, I just went out and bought a new car since the one I had is eleven years old now. Should I have waited for a newer model?


    My kids are using my old iBook and the iMac produces a nice TV image on a large FGA monitor.


    John, quite right, the difference is my existing computer system is youthful in comparison to your jalopy, so no need to rush out. :)


    Plenty of usage in the old girl still :lol:

  5. Drew, many thanks, good suggestion about waiting for the new macbook pro to be released, any ideas where it will be released first? Could always do with a quick holiday :lol:


    John, many thanks for taking the time to take a snap, the 30" of screen sure looks big and heavy, is there a chance of it being knocked from the table, you know the sort of thing when the cleaning dept comes around for its annual sweep up or looking for those festering coffee cups that get left in the den :)

  6. 10 degC will be quite a shock to you, you'll need a hood, I'd go with a 3mm and 3mm gloves, you could go for 5mm; but i find them too thick and restricting, your head and hands will still be cold, just a bit quicker.


    if your drysuit is a snug fit, ie not a lot of spare space, then you'll need to think about something like a polatec underlayer, my personal choice would be Fourth Element, for you the artic. The advantage of this type of underlayer is that irrespective how wet it gets you'll stay warm..ish :)


    If you have a bit of space then maybe Weezle, you may be warmer, but it is bulkier than the fourthelement, something like Undersuits.


    The surface temperatures have been above the seasonal average, 20 degC plus today, so your diving should be great fun.


    Are you diving for anything specific?

  7. mrbubbles, could you give a bit more of an idea about the type of environment you are accustomed too? and if the drysuit is compressed neoprene or a trilaminate?


    without this its a bit difficult to say. :glare:

  8. The plan is to be in Bali for three months from September, maybe meet up at some stage? One hotel that is worth going to is the Sanda Villas you'll not be disappointed, your contacts in Bali should be able to get a good deal for about £30 per night including breakfast. Just what the doctor ordered after a long flight from Blighty.


    Let me know if would like some more help, all the best. Peter

  9. Nope, still in the UK, fingers crossed I should be out in Bali from about September. The weather is getting dryer, end of rainy season, but still quite hot. If it was me I'd head into the hills, much cooler and very picturesque, there are some great hotels where you can just chill the days away, good walks etc.


    I guess the course will be up at Tulamben?

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