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  1. bit tongue in cheek, how do you shrink all your kit for the return trip, do you take the vacuum with you in the bag
  2. I've yet to dive in a "DRY" drysuit Prefer, fourth element underlayer, although after meeting Mrs Weezle at LIDS this year, would be very tempted to try out a weezle thermal layer Agree about the Otter stiffness, though i did find after about 6 months and a couple hundred dives the material softened a tad.
  3. Mark, September is a good time to see Mola, you need to be with the right people, this isn't sales talk, I should be out in Bali during September/October, hopefully diving, waiting for the thumbs up from the dive doctor. i will be out there with a couple of diving parties from the UK. Send me a pm with your e-mail and I'll give you some more info. Ideally you need to be at the Mola station around full or new moon, sometimes the water can be a bit iffy, so sometimes it is better to dive either side of these times. Its the descending currents you need to look out for! The avatar was taken out in free water, not at a cleaning station, and lucky, lucky a mola swam by, never seen at this location before. Be pleased to help, you should allow two or three days diving for East Bali, just to make sure, all the best Peter
  4. All good advice, here is a pygmy photograph taken with a 60 mm and without diopter,
  5. It's worth having a trawl through the forum as this has been discussed a few times, as you'll see there are varying views, all valid, as it does come down to personal choice. My own two cents is the Britannic Drysuit, look through the web link at its benefits. The next decision will be a sleeve or cuff dump valve, again all of us will have our own valid reasons, again this has been discussed. If you go for a "trilaminate" type material you will need to think about a suitable insulating under-layer and again there are quite a few solutions. Have fun choosing, what do the divers use where you normally dive, what are their thoughts? All the best Peter
  6. why can't you use Proshow Gold? It can do all of what you are asking for.
  7. just my personal view, I've dived with my mk25 + S600 for about 5 years now and apart from one dive in very cold waters they have been absolutely spot one. Almost a free flow, but not quite, my fault, a bit unfit and looked like a soda syphon going off according to my buddy! I've tried the X650 when they first came out and are indeed they are fine breathe, the only downside i found was the regulator body actual sweeps back and rests on your chin and i didn't like this. If I remember correctly there was a also general recall on them, due to the body/chamber deforming over time and maybe a drowning hazard. Just make sure you get an uptodate version, it's all sorted now. Give them a go and see what you feel. if it was me i'd stick with the mk25 + S600
  8. Well, I never thought it would happen to me! One of my photographs is featured twice in a very well known British diving safari companies travel brochure. I've had a read through this section and understand the general process to be adopted, though looking for more specific details concerning a value for the image and a penality for its unauthorised use. Any tips would be greatly appreciated!
  9. PC Pro have a review in their march edition. It should be reviewed in Professional Photographer soonish as they recently reviewed the HP and Epson A3 printers a few months ago.
  10. Apologies if this has already been on the forum. Excellent way of finding new species, have a look on the fish market slab! National Geograhic
  11. I was thinking more about at the back with the rowdy 6th formers
  12. I'm at the show over the weekend, come along to Stand 419, AquaMarine Diving Bali and say hello too! John and saeedrashid, are hecklers welcome
  13. Yes you do Graham, glad I still use my Canon F1 system.
  14. Thanks Guy's very interesting and useful too boot!!! I've got some old 3.5" laptop drives with info on and this will solve the issue of retrieving the data.
  15. Leigh will be at LIDS 2007 again this year, would you like me to ask him anything specific? I'll give it a whirl as i will be at the show over both days.
  16. Good luck, be interested to learn what you come up with, can I suggest Leigh Bishop well known for deep photography, he obviously has a working method. Just a suggestion. Deep Image
  17. Hey Wagsy enjoyed the lowlevel NOTE flying, did you ever catch the other aircraft a bit lower and in your 2 O'clock
  18. Alan James, all round good egg, listen to what he advises you won't go far wrong, member of BSoUP, has won many competitions, etc. I've bought quite a bit off him in the past , no worries there.
  19. This will sort you out. wetpixel page you may want to Google for DNG Recover Edges as well, to see what other words of wisdom there is on the web
  20. Paul are you after photographic evidence? I had an invigorating walk along Hurst Spit this morning, that's the bit that juts into the Western Solent near the Needles, plenty of debris as you say, in the main general rubbish, plastic bottles etc, very little in the way of fishing relayed material.
  21. Just bizarre, its bad enough when potential customers come in, tap into your knowledge and buy at a dive show or off the Internet, but to turn the sale away and the chance to cultivate the customer is bizarre. Is it just "techno snobbery"
  22. You could always make a small dome port, I've got a very nice 4.5 inch that a friend made for the Nikon 10.5 and 12-24 zoom.
  23. just thinking out loud here, could it be in a presets menu, other than that try posing the question on the Adobe CS2 forum?
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