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  1. Seems to be true, I've received an email from Nikon about the D40 http://images.acxiomonline.com/images/niko...ail_hosted.html
  2. check out on the right hand side of the page that you are saving the file correctly, you may find the presets are saving it as a small low quality file. I use save for web quite a bit and is very handy for this purpose. especially where the file size and quality need to be right.
  3. a bit tame, , try this, Le Mans full 24 circuit in a Porsche 956, before the Mulsanne got crippled with the chicanes and the bump flattened. Oh, the right hand kink along the Mulsanne taken at full throttle and no sign of the merest lift. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=13...+mans&hl=en
  4. UK Diving, irrespective of location Otter Britannic Superskin worn with Fourth Element thermal underwear, various grades, depending on the water temperature. Keeps me warm and toasty Winter temps, down to 4 deg C or 39 deg F, would wear a fourth element xerotherm arctic as the water warms up towards a pleasant 20 deg C or 68 deg F, switch over to fourth element xerotherm. If I'm teaching in particularly cold water and could be stationary for a bit I may be tempted to combine the two sets of undergarments. As with all polartec style materials they have the benefit of keeping you warm even if the dry-suit leaks a bit around a seal, or if on the odd occasion the zip isn't fully home!!! Water up to the knees!!
  5. I can thoroughly recommend:- AquaMarine Diving – Bali FiNS Associate Editors and marine life book authors Andrea and Antonella Ferrari have just been diving with Aquamarine and you may have seen this piece here on wetpixel which is from their trip with AMD. I've been diving with them since 2002 and they have excellent dive-masters/spotters who really look after you. Particularly if there is anything specific you want to see. Annabel@AquaMarineDiving.com Tel: +62 361 730 107 Fax: +62 361 735 368 Office Address: Jl. Raya Seminyak 2A Kuta, Bali 80361 Indonesia Mobile: (English) +62 81 236 588 29 Correspondence Address: PO Box 2098 Kuta - Legian, Bali 80361 Indonesia
  6. James, it's one of the resons why I suggested a search on Digital Divers as it comes up with the link backs to Wetpixel, tried to add the search string but it showed as an error so had to delete.
  7. Plenty of help on here, no worries, you may like to also have a look on another site, Digital Diver and search for the camera, just a thought?
  8. Many thanks for the comments, understand now, I don't know why! But thought the JPEG file was creating a larger output image when compared to an uncompressed RAW image of the same resolution, been back into CS2 and compared like for like and they are exactly the same, as they should be, 'nanna <_<
  9. another question for you John regarding the same subject. Why is it when I take a RAW image with the D100, in CS2 it shows the resolution to be 3008 x 2000 @ 240dpi and a JPEG image has a resolution of 300dpi. I've looked around the net and can't find a sensible answer, I'm sure there is one. Peter
  10. Crystal Bay, where this footage was shot is a well known Mola Mola location in Bali. They come up from the depths to be cleaned by the resident Banner fish, its a great spot, not necessarily an easy dive but interesting. It can get quite crowded with divers sometimes and they do tend to drive the Mola's away. If you look at the begining of the footage you can see the Banner fish working away on the Mola.
  11. Nice video, plays very well on a 19" monitor, nice blues, etc. its a location I know well, any more please, to share?
  12. Truely sad, hopefully you will see this as light-hearted and not in bad taste, it made me chuckle and I thought Steve would too
  13. Amazing, i can just about remember using punch cards to programme a computer and be able to run a large business on 63K of memory, yes just 63k.
  14. Interesting question and for one would be interested in knowing the reason for asking. I'm a PADI Staff Instructor, if that actually means anything to another to form an opinion on my diving skills. Experience, ability and qualification are key aspects to be taken into account and the word DEPENDS. PADI OW certification would be the minimum or the BSAC, SSI etc equivalent . Added to this, would be the individuals ability in conducting themselves appropriately for the diving and conditions anticipated. Even so this is not infallible, I dare say many of us have seen well qualified divers struggle in conditions which shouldn't have posed a problem to them. Or divers in an environment which is outside of their training or experience, getting into difficulties. I guess the overriding consideration is ability, but you wouldn't want a paying guest in difficulties at 30m and only certified as an open water diver, now would you.
  15. Saw this on the FiNS Website where the magazine is inviting us to join in with Andrea and Antonella Ferrari, FiNS Associate Editors. Looks like a good opportunity to brush up on those photographic skills and to tap into their wealth of knowledge and experience between dives in a casual, relaxed way. The input from Andrea and Antonella is free. Have had some more information about the dive sites and indeed they will be visiting some of the best dive sites Bali has to offer. The variety of sites will certainly enable photographers to work on everything from "macro in muck" to "Mola-Mola In the Blue" shots. Some of the dive sites to be visited are:- Secret Bay near Gilimanuk critters/muck diving Puri Jati west of Seririt critters/muck diving Tulamben Bay macro to wide angle, critters to pelagics Seraya Secrets critters/muck diving Padangbai Blue Lagoon macro to wide angle, critters to pelagics, possibly Mola Mola Penida, Lembongan, Crystal Bay and Blue Corner Mola Mola More information is on here about the safari and how to join in. Aquamarine Bali are organising the trip and there contact details are here.
  16. one and the same, I think, another example how we are separated by a similar language. The essential point is that the correct tool is used. Thanks Barrett for the image.
  17. the proper tool, by the sounds of things, is CIRCLIP PLIERS, they don't cost much and will save a lot of swearing, especially when the blessed circlip goes flying across the room because the wrong toll is being used.
  18. The sighting is of at least 19 Mola Mola, off cornwall. http://www.24dash.com/content/news/viewNew...=58&newsID=8479
  19. Another Diving operator you should consider is:- Aquamarine Diving Bali excellent diving organisation with very good spotters, easily found almost adjacent to Made Warung 2 in Seminyak. Been diving with them since 2002, and can make all the necessary arrangements for a trouble free diving experience. http://www.aquamarinediving.com/ Tel: +62 361 730 107 Fax: +62 361 735 368 Office Address: Jl. Raya Seminyak 2A Kuta, Bali 80361 Indonesia Mobile: (English) +62 81 236 588 29 Correspondence Address: PO Box 2098 Kuta - Legian, Bali 80361 Indonesia
  20. If you're looking for somewhere to map your location use Frappr, you can create a Wetpixel map. http://www.frappr.com/c/user/createamap I would suggest that one of the adults, sets it up as you need a caretaker, especially if you would want to add particular headings, like favourite dive sites, wrecks, reefs, bars etc.
  21. Flown to Bali on many, many occasions, over the last 25 years with most of the carriers. Malaysian Airlines are okay and you'll have no probs with them, especially with carry-on and hold luggage. Make sure you have your Divers Certification Card handy. Good hub at KL with short distances between sky docks. If you have a bit of time then the Pan Pacific Kuala Lumpur International Airport Hotel, is worth a visit for a decent meal and a brush up. Hope this helps.
  22. Same here, been using Colorvision for a number of years and it works very well, just remember to follow the instructions for the icc profile appllications and image application/s. Don't forget to profile your printer and scanner as well, especially if you use a number of different papers and inks. Number of reviews on the web. They are very worthwhile and will make a big difference to your work.
  23. You may also like to think about the thermal layer as well. Not sure where you dive, but for winter diving here in the UK I use Fourth Element Artic, keeps me very toasty in 4 deg.C. The added advantage is that it is neutrally buoyant and therefore you need minimal lead. Gloves and hood are just basic 3mm neoprene, I prefer the flexibility they offer, you will get cold what ever thickness, the thicker neoprene just delays it a bit.
  24. And don't forget:- http://www.asiandiver.com/ Asian Diver and http://www.diver.com.ph/ ScubaGlobe Asia Pacific interesting diving and photography articles, Asian Diver has more on Underwater Photography plus a monthly portfolio. Did anyone here enter their photography contest at the begining of this year? Andy, Scuba magazine is still produced here in the UK at Poole in Dorset, quite often the editor pops in for a chat and a coffee at our dive shop. Alex are we including top side nature as well or would you like to limit this thread to below waves for the time being? All the best Peter
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