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  1. no easy answer. best boat is cocos. sea hunter. cocos given hammerheads white tips. great location. maybe mantas silky whale sharks plus who knows. socorro area. mantas. friendly dolphin encounter given. also. whale sharks in the early part season,hammerheads not likely large schools but small groups, humpback whales in the winter though mainly seen on surface and heard uw. bottom line both great. nowdays socorro is better bargain. cocos much more money. i love the sea hunter but i think more bang for your bucks in socorro. big difference in what you see depending on when you go for socorro
  2. I recently was told about a petition asking protection for the Hannan area of Cozumel- the Micro Atoles.This area is on the east side of Cozumel towards the north end of the island, just down from the Mayan site El Castillo. Its for President Calderon of Mexico. Personally I like the idea since Hannan is one of the most special places I know of on Cozumel. There actually was an article in the National Geographic News letter about this area http://newswatch.nationalgeographic.com/20...8/cozumel-2013/ So if you like the please sign the petition. http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/cozumel/ http://newswatch.nationalgeographic.com/20...8/cozumel-2013/ http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/cozumel/
  3. Best time varies depending on what you want to see. I like the first trips when they open up in Nov. Likely encounters with whale sharks, mantas, hammerheads etc and the water is still warm (low 80-high 70's though you might hit some thermoclines). Getting in Jan onward you will see the humpback whales from the boat and if lucky while diving though I think thats not too common. Of course hearing them underwater is nice. Water is cooler at this time. You will also have encounters with mantas dolphin and various species of sharks. I can't talk about the spring months since i never was there then.
  4. So which ever way I go apple vs pc it would be a stand alone unit dedicated to vidio editing, correct? I am sure i will have sticker shock but I am leaning toward an apple system since we plan on changing over from pc to windows down the line. that said what apple system would you recomend-realize i never have used an apple and know zero about them other than a great rep.
  5. I have been working with a sony HDR-HC1 video camera for a number of years. It can shoot in HDV but the edit system I have been using for over 10 years (applied majic screenplay) only works with DV format. From some vidios I have seen shot in HDV it seems the quality is much better. So if I am going to change over I need to figure out what type of edit system to go with. Suggestions?? Stand alone PC or Mac? Thanks.
  6. The Argo is the Sea Hunter groups newest boat. So I imagine you would have the same experience levels for the crew etc. From what Ive read its a newer and nicer version of the Sea Hunter or Undersea Hunter just a bit more expensive. Never been on the Argo though have done trips on the Sea Hunter and Undersea Hunter some years ago.
  7. though i have never done this you might want to look into doing the whale sharks out from Isla Mujers. Its blue water as opposed to gulf of mexico green. http://www.islawhalesharks.com/ when i did this out of Holbox we went with Marvin tours and it was fine. You had as much time as you wanted in the water. This was a few years back so I don't know how it is now. The web site I have is www.marvintours.com We just arrived on Holbox and looked him up. I imagine its a little different now since that was 5 or so years back.
  8. solmar now has nitrox. That was a big change for the best
  9. for what its worth. Just had a report from the last trip the Solmar did. Rather cold water for this time of year 79 on the surface. Six whale sharks on Roca Partida, 30+ silvertips etc etc (roca partida). Sounds good. We are on the Nov 13 trip this week.
  10. never been on the explorer but have done a number of trips on the Solmar. I have been very impressed with the make over of the operation once the new owner took over. The rooms are small but its a very well run operation with most of the crew having many years working on the boat. I think the dive operation has much more experience in those waters than the explorer. Regardless of which you pick its a very fine place to dive. You never know what you might see (ran into a pod of orcas years ago on the return to Cabo)
  11. Its been quite a few years since I was in Cocos but back 10 or so years ago I always felt that Jan Feb were nice times to be there "dry season" so to speak. I first went to Cocos back in may of 94. Grest action but i only saw the sun once. Later trips we did Jan etc and i liked it since there was a bit more sun though the action was maybe a little slower. So if I was ever to go back i would vote for Jan or Feb. New years sounds like fun.
  12. thanks but its not my camera. its for a local dive guide here on Cozumel who wants something easy to carry. He had a Cannon set up but the housing leaked and that was the end of the camera. While the cannon system worked he was very happy with it.
  13. i went ahead an ordered the fe 3010. Looks good. the older version was always shown as backorder. dan
  14. Thanks I will scratch Intova off the list.
  15. Looking for some help here. I am helping out a friend here in Mexico who is looking for a 200-300 dollar camera and housing. He previously had a cannon but the housing leaked and so the system is toast. I have seen ads for Intova system on Ebay. The price is good (150). I have never heard of the camera. Does anybody know anything about this brand. Any suggestions would be appreciated(open to suggestions on other camera systems). The guy is mainly going to shoot available light and looking for something in th 5 Pix or above range. thanks.
  16. Please post a report when you come back. I was there in 2001 and dream of returning. Most pristine diving you could ever dream of. I do wonder what those hurricanes did a few years ago.
  17. You might consider adding Malpelo Island off Colombia. Its often done with Cocos Island (Sea Hunter). Can be amazing. Large schools hammerheads and silkys in the 100s.
  18. Last time I was there in early Feb. I had water temps in the mid to low 70's. I had a 5 mm suit and was cold. It comes down to what you are comfortable with for the water temp. If you go with the 5 its a good idea to bring a vest and hood as a back up.
  19. I was at Malpelo back in late March of 99 on the Sea Hunter. The surface conditions were ok but underwater it was not too good. Poor viz down to 70-80 feet where you hit a thermocline and it was crystal clear and COLD. 68-one reported 59. In the warmer water there were lots of hammers and silkies but they were ghosts swiming into and out of your view. The boat voted to go onto Cocos after a day and a half there. I went back in 2000 in late May and the conditions were great. Hundreds of silkies swimming over huge schools of hammers. At that time I think the Sea Hunter was trying to figure out the best times to go. I imagine they have it down a little better but there still is a bit of luck here. If you have the conditions topside then you will love it. Much better (my opinion) than Cocos. We saw schools of hammerheads right up at the surface. Flip side to this is if the conditions are not that great you just spent a lot of money and time to do a boat trip. If you study the Undersea Hunter web site trip reports on Malpelo you see trips that were cut short due to bad conditions. Regarless the boats they run and the operation is outstanding.
  20. thanks. i never thought about zooming in to clean up the video but its a great idea i will put to use. did a quick test on some older footage with the same problem.
  21. another ditto. we were at cocos for the 97 el nino and it was a wasted trip. Great viz and warm water but not much else. We saw maybe one hammerhead.
  22. i know you seem to have your dates but i always liked the trips right when the season opened-mid to late November. From talks with the people working on the solmar it seems whale sharks are often seen and the water is a bit warmer (high 70's) You don't have the whales but I am not sure how often you are going to see them on a dive. You will see them all around you on the surface and hear them on many dives. We were on a trip last November and it was &*&( fantastic. First dive on the boiler had a pod of dolphin, 4-5 mantas, hammerhead or two and a whale shark for good measure.
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