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  1. Hi, I thought I had a buyer lined up yesterday but it never came through so yes it still is available. cheers, cal
  2. Hey, Feeling very inspired by Ernie Brooks work lately. Damn he produced some beautiful photograph. Does anyone know what camera system he favored and what type of film he preferred? Specifically, i'm after the effect of the 'seal' photo and the diver with the coral from this page. http://www.alertdiver.com/Ernest_H_Brooks_II Cheers!
  3. Hi, I’m selling a Mint condition Nikonos V, 12mm Sea and Sea fisheye lens and the view finder. $800 USD plus postage. I also have a SB 105 for an additional $150. Cheers, Cal
  4. Hi Crew, I've got a shoot on Sunday and am hoping to mix it up a little from my normal fish eye lenses. Has anyone used the Canon 35mm F1.4? Thoughts on shooting models in a pool with it? Cheers Cal
  5. Hi Crew, I've been out of the loop for a while. I'm looking at getting a new travel setup and am wondering what my options are for getting my Nikonos 15mm back in the water? Is there a standard setup for the 15mm? Cheers Cal
  6. Hey Crew I've got 1 week in Bali on a budget. Any suggestions for the best shore diving on Bali or Lombok? etc Cheers! Cal
  7. Thanks for the brilliant replies! I'll buy the sigma 15mm and rent the 16-35 f4 when required! Thanks again!
  8. For me, It's a mixture. I'm a marine biologist and I shoot to showcase what we have in our local waters. That being said, I also shoot underwater to win comps and obtain commercial work. Being an underwater photographer is a nice niche for commercial work and winning comps helps me to obtain clients. I've got nearly 40 international photography awards under my belt and almost every one of them has lead to interesting leads / exposure / clients.
  9. Hey Crew, I'm trying to get my head around lighting for video. Does anyone have any recommended reading? Or some good entry - mid level lighting suggestions? Any tips on the basics? Thanking you! Cal
  10. awesome! Looks like a cool project.
  11. Hey Crew I recently upgraded to a Canon 5D M II. I'm looking at lens selections. I'm tossing up between the Sigma 15mm and a Canon 17-40mm. I'm new to video but enjoying the learning process. What are your thoughts on filming with a fisheye vs rectilinear lens? Cheers! Cal
  12. Hey Liz! Awesome shots on your website. Sadly the 14mm is a little out of my price range but otherwise is exactly what I was after. What setup and dome port and you using with that? I'll look into hiring one when I need it for commercial gigs.
  13. Hey Crew, I've been assembling a new rig for underwater model work. I've got a 5D M ii with an ikelite housing. Can anyone recommend a great full frame rectilinear lens? Thanks!
  14. Hey Crew, I've recently been assembling a new rig to replace my old Nikon D90. I've got a Canon 5D M ii and will order an ikelite housing. I'll be using the camera to shoot mostly pool work with models and occasional marine wildlife work. Can anyone recommend a great wide angle rectilinear lens? Thanking you! Cal
  15. As an underwater fashion photographer - it's a great feature. The creative director and team can be looking at real time images from the shoot without opening the housing.
  16. Thanks for sharing! I'm really interested in this setup. What was it like shooting? Much of hassle? Would you recommend the system? Any other thoughts? Cheers
  17. thanks dude! Nikon d90, tokina 10-17mm fisheye, ikelite housing, 8' dome port
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